Friday, November 20, 2015


Hi beauties , 
Udah pada tau kan kalo pixy cosmetic lagi ngadain kuis untuk memenangkan trip ke Tokyo bersama 1 orang sahabat mu. 

Cara nya : 
Beli pixy BB CREAM di indomaret terdekat dan dapatkan kode di dalam struk untuk setiap pembelian PIXY BB CREAM , dan klik this link bellow 

Isi sesuai perintah dalam page tsb :) 

Buruan beli sekarang dan ikuti kuis nya sebelum 27 november 2015
Good Luck beauties ;) 

Psst , tunggu post berikut nya yahh 
Review Pixy BB CREAM 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Instagram influencer : Megbaby

Here is Our very first instagram influencers *Drumroll


If you actively online instagram , i think you might already know about her or following her instagram account. 
Megbaby known because her beautiful small face and unique fashion
As you can see on her instagram, she has a unique sense of fashion. 
I think it's inspired by her love for korea. 
She called it so megbaby
And fyi , She's loved by 697K followers and its still growing day by day. 

What i love from megbaby ?
Probably Her make-up and fashion
Because she has a pretty small face and nice skin
And i think i had a same kind of fashion sense like her, maybe that's the reason i love her. 

It you want to know her better , go follow her instagram @_megbaby_ / or check this video bellow about her ;)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Urban whistle 2015 with Clara Devi

So, last week i got a chance to be the one of participants make over head to toe by Clara Devi (@lucedale) 
Yep, like all of you already know , she's a fashion blogger from indonesia. 
And i feel very honored to be chosen and get to know and talk about her style. 

In my opinions , She's very humble person and friendly , i love being around her.  
She's gonna be my next favorite fashion blogger i guess. 

And here's my makeover result by clara devi (@lucedale

For my looks , we called it secretary look. 
Peplum top + pencil skirt = perfect combination for this look. 

With all participants and ClaraDevi (

Wefie time ❤️ 

Urban whistle 2015
Location : Fashion Hub MKG 
Mkg 3 lt. 2 

Clothes: Lolly's secret collection 
Shoes : Gosh
Makeup&Hair do : Dry me