Winter season always make me feel like the best season for holiday or takin a trip to somewhere cold.

As for me who lives on Indonesia with tropical climates (Indonesia has two seasons; the dry season between April to October and the monsoon season between November to March) i tend to try having winter holiday or trip to somewhere cold rather hot because , well at least we should try the freezing feeling or snow once right?

But even tho i love winter season, theres some concern for my holiday essential as i need to bring many thick outfit so i dont feel too cold (with my zero sense of how cold it cold be) , skincare (which i think i need to bring as minimize as i can and buy some skincare there because you know different skincare product for different season ?) , and contact lens ..

Ps, sometimes i feel glasses a little bit inconvenience for me to wear on rainy or winter season because it keeps makin fogs on my glasses and that makes me feel rather uncomfortable. 

But to wear a contact lens somehow makes me feel rather worry about feeling dry on my eyes or uncomfortable to wear for full day activity outdoor . The breeze kind of worry me much.

Last year, I happened to have a trip to turkiye around fall to winter season , and i kind of worry to wear my contact lens because here’s kind of windy cold and that makes my eyes feels kinda dry, so im not sure if i can feel comfortable enough enjoying my holiday wearing contact lens (but i know for sure i will feel more annoyed if i cannot enjoy the scenery there if i dont wear either contact lens or glasses.)

So i choose to wear my contact lens from OLens to enjoy my holiday there and luckily my choice is right because i can enjoy my holiday there and my eyes feel comfy enough everyday wearing contact lens from Olens without feeling tired eyes and such hasle.

Ps. I never wear full day to everyday contact lens for holiday or trip because sometimes my eyes feel tired after i wear full consecutive day to day contact lens.

So here’s some of my favorite colored contact lens from greenish to grayish color by OLens that i love to wear for jolly season 

OLens Spanish Real Gray 

As seen on model OLens Spanish real gray

How to get it ;

Olens spanish real gray 1 month click here 

Price ;

1 month $24

OLens Russian Smoky Gray

As seen on model Olens Russian smoky gray

How to get it ;

Olens Russian smoky gray 1 day  click here

Olens Russian smoky trial set click here 

Price ;
1 day $21 /10pair

Disclaimer; this is my sis enjoying Olens contact lens lol

OLens French Gold 3con Olive

As seen on model OLens French Gold 3con Olive

How to get ;

Olens French Gold 3con olive 1 day click here

Price ;

1 day $21 /10pair


In my opinions, truthfully i love all contact lens series from olens collection . Because they had their unique charms on each of their series such as design, color , and features. But most important things is they’re so comfortable for daily wear in any kind condition in asian or as windy and winter season , my favorites is their 1 day contact lens lifespan (i hope they had 1 day lifespan series for all their series collection lol very helpful for my kind of sensitive eyes)

Which color you think suit me better from all contact lens Olens had sent me ?

I guess i love their colored contact lens more ; rather than brown one, because even tho its colored contact lens like gray or green , they look too natural as if thats my real eye color and most of their contact lens give me a vibes of dolly look lol.

Where to buy ;

Promocode ; Jennie10 for extra disc ^^