OLens is Global no.1 Contact lens brand from south korea

 featuring more than 100+ styles of contact lens, OLens has become the worlds first and largest contact lens specialty brand.

in collaboration with korean girl group Blackpink endorsement, Olens appeals to young people with its beautiful colored contact lens collection featuring vibrant colors and designs.

the brand bestselling series includes the OLens Spanish , OLens Vivi Ring and OLens Scandi.

that will we try today and the next few days (or post) ..



Here’s the reason why i choose their best selling series because i love their design and color and i love to see if their claim is true as for stylish and comfortable to wear , so i divide it by 3 type color ; green and grey as fashion color or more-like styling day also brown color for natural or everyday look . 



In today post i will share brown color contact lens from OLens Vivi ring and Real ring for everyday use because i love to wear natural color contact lens as for everyday or when i want to look simple but stylist at the same time. 

Colored contact lens sometimes make me feel too extra so when i want to wear simple style fashion, i love to wear more natural colored contact lens like brown or choco.


Ps. Btw Do you know blackpink member usually wear this contact lens type for their daily essentials ?

Because OLens color is so natural sometimes you won’t notice it if you don’t look closely.

So lets try if its really as comfy as it seems.

OLens Vivi Ring Choco

As seen on jisoo Blackpink vivi ring brown

Vivi Ring specifications 

On model

How to get it ;

Vivi Ring Choco 1 day click here

Vivi Ring Choco 1 month click here

Price ;

1 day $39 /20p

1 month $29

Vivi Ring choco on my eyes

With ring light

With ring light

With light

For someone that love wearing clear contact lens, i recommend u to wear this instead because they’re too natural that sometimes people won’t really know that u wear contact lens at all. 
Even my sis need to look very closely and focused to know that i wear contact lens here in this pic lol
They really make your eyes lookin more moisturized and glowing than before in real life.

OLens Real Ring Brown

As seen on jennie Blackpink Real Ring Brown

Real Ring specifications 

On model

How to get it ;
Real Ring Brown 1 day click here
Real Ring Brown 1 month click here

Price ;
1 day $21 /10p
1 month $29

Real Ring brown on my eyes

With ring light

With ring light

With light 

This is for someone who really love brown color contact lens but want a lighter one than vivi ring choco.
Their color is more lighter than vivi ring choco but still look natural with my hair color.
And they’re more comfortable in my eyes lol


If you lookin for a comfortable contact lens with natural brown color , im gonna say that this is the best one because you will feel like you wear nothing and their color is so natural on your eyes

Fyi, i have a really sensitive eyes and i never wear contact lens ever again since high school even tho i always try if i can wear contact lens again but no, i cannot even wear it even for 1-2 hours because how sensitive my eyes are.

It will feel so itchy and dry so i kind of nervous when Olens officially approaching me to try their contact lenses .

On first thought i really love to try this lenses because i love their design and color, especially since i saw many korean influencer that i follow and look up to (also blackpink) was wearing Olens for their photoshoot or daily wear.

But on second thought i feel really terible and kind of sad if i cannot wear contact lens for real this time even the no.1 comfortable contact lens.

So i decided, lets go and why not try it? Maybe i can wear contact lens again.

For me, contact lens really boost my confident than makeup do because they make me look different and somehow feeling more like myself lol

But Its more like for fashion thing than solving my eyes problem (my eyes prescription power -2.75 fyi so for something important event i kind of need to wear glasses, and it makes me less confident with myself)

Sometimes i prefer chocolate or brown contact lens for daily wear basis, because i don’t wanna attract so much attention but look cute at the same time while hangout or cafe hopping lol.

Only makeup without contact lens made me feel better not do makeup at all, just basic skincare to prevent my face damaged from uva and uvb lol.

Overall i really love their variety of color contact lens, but i prefer real ring brown more than vivi ring.

Maybe if i dont want to get caught by my boyfie when i wanna wear contact lens i prefer wearing vivi ring choco because they won’t notice the difference with my real eyes, its only make my eyes look more glowing than before.

Ps. My boyfie know my eyes problem so sometimes he will complain if i wearing contact lens hehee bc i will always tell him “uh it’s uncomfortable, my eyes tired blablaa” so he rather i dont wear any contcat lens even tho i love to wear it to feel cute lol

Because real ring G.DIA is more thinner than vivi ring so i feel more comfortable wearing real ring instead and their color is more lighter.

So they will notice ur brown eyes color heheee

Cannot wait to try their other best selling series on my next post .. 

Btw u can also read so many review of their contact lens on their website to make sure which contact lens u will buy later.

As for the delivery , i can say that im really surprises because the moment i place my order they shipped it already and only need approximately 3 days for the package to arrived safely at my home .

Fast and secured. Even my sist thought that i ordered it from indonesia based Olens not from their global website , lookin at how fast the delivery time lol.

**nope sis. I order it online from their global website lol

Where to buy online ;






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