[QuoteOfTheDay] Show them you can !

No matter how good you are , how great you are and how beautiful you are
There's always A or two people out there who ever speaks and talking about how bad you are . 

They never know you as well
They just know your name not your story
But they still talking bad behind you

They said they don't hate you or had a problem with you 
But when you walk In front of their , they talking about you later (your style, makeup, hair, accesories, anything)

Why them act like that?
Don't they like to be like that?
I wonder if they be you , would they stronger like you?

They act like they are perfect
Like they are good at all
When the reality is they are nothing

For people who been bullied like that's 
I wanna ask you ,
Hey , just smile don't cry
You had me 
You don't need them 
They're envy with your life
They want to be like you but they can't 
That's why they talking like that
Just smile and show them that you're strong enough to stand up on your feet wipe away your tears 
Make them regretting to says bad about you
Make them realize and said "oh god I was wrong to say something like that."