Believing ?

You know? I keep believing you are my mate 
But you never show me you are

I was praying for sign 
And its confusing me when sometimes its look like you are my mate 
And then you are not

I dont know what should i do right now
Did is too soon to ask for sign ? 
Or you are too afraid to show me your love 

I dont know
I just didnt want to know more than this

If it is too soon , so , when? 
When i should ask for sign?
Till its too late 
Till i was falling to your love too deep 

What can i do now?

Oh yes
I give it up to god ;")
I know youll give me the best answer for all my prayer 
And if he is not 
I wouldnt ask more than this

We can still be friend right? :")

If you are my soulmate we were find the way to go back 

But i think as long as you act like this
And treat me like nothing
We couldnt go to the next level 

Treat me like nothing and youll see someday , somebody will treat me like i am his everything

Dont call me when im mad
Just stay calm and think i would find you
Dont try to talk to me when im mad
And then youll see somebody is right there to calm me down

Im not your everything right? 
You just say i love you when you need 

Forget it
Im the childish one
Who want my man to be right there everytime i need him
To say everything nice and sweet to me 

I know im too much watching the movies and reading comics
Thats why my brain always think like that

Youre right :D