[REVIEW] cats wink mascara by tony moly

Hello ..
Today i'll write a review about tony moly make up product ^^

Guess what?!

*BAAMMM*         ^^~

Cats wink mascara volume UP 
By tony moly ><

Aaaaaa i really love tony moly product didnt know why ><
They all looks cute ( i mean cats wink edition , because they put a cat picture at the package ) 

Looks like i fall for the black cat ^^~
Tony moly really know how to catch my heart ;) uuhhh ...

Cats wink mascara ;) by tony moly

For cats wink mascara , tony moly had 2 type of this ; 1. Curls and 2. Volume UP

I choice a second one . 
Because my lashes is too thick :( freaky confused how to take control 
I think i gotta use a fake eyelashes , thats look good and cute too . Actually i love milky bunny eyelashes (dolly wink) or all japan eyelashes . They look cute . I want to try some . But , the sadly part is i just didnt know what fake eyelashes type who looks good on me :( and i dont know how to use it perfectly :( 
But now i was trying to use it sometimes while i was go to party ;) 
A good news ^^~ ,
at all , i still love my lashes at all ;)
Eventually now i had cats wink mascara volume UP :D
So i didnt have to worry about it at all ^^~
Really thankful for people who tell me about this product ;)

You can buy this product at tony moly boutique ^^~ 

Ps: theres some selca from me with cats wink mascara volume UP

Some SelCa from me with cats wink mascara  ^^~