[REVIEW] BB CREAM Catwink~ by tony moly ^^

Hello ;)
Today i'll write a review about tony moly product ^^

What it that ?! 

*dum dum dum dum*

This is it ..........

Cats wink by tony moly ^^~ (taken by self)

This is cats wink shiny skin BB CREAM  by tony moly with SPF 25 PA++

I really love this product ;) and actually i really love the package ;) looks so cute to  bought it everywhere 

The cats look so cute ;) ^^

This product is really good to use 
So smooth ... ^^~
Because the color effect is perfectly good and didnt make our face look to brighten like a ghost. HAHA

And the smell is like a hmmm what should i say ? :/ i guess you should try this and feel this sensation by yourself ;) 

You'll like it babe!

Got to go now ! See you!

Picture while i was using cats wink BB CREAM and some make up
Taken by self