Taeng twin :o

I know , all of you shocked by this post 
But believe it or not i think she's look like taeyeon or i should call her taeyeon wannabe :p

Im not really sure about this because i never met her before ;( 
Maybe i shoulda go to japan to make appointment  with her haha 

I love it when i hear there's somebody who look like taeyeon 
She should be proud of that ;) 
Cause i envy with her ;( she's perfectly look like taeyeon 
Maybe if i wanna be beauty like taeng i shoulda do plastic surgery yaa? 
But no matter what i love my self ;) and i dont really need to change my face ;p

There's some pic of her 

Her name is lovisa selin 
This is her instagram account @lovistagram 
She live in japan 
(Maybe someday if i go to japan i shoulda make appointment to met her and take a selfie with her) ;p