Woohoooo ~ 
Spiderman is coming to town <3 

Yaaa yaaa
Thats right ! 
Now you can watch it on cinema :) 
Amazing spiderman release date on 30th april in indonesia . 

Yesterday (2nd may) i watched it with my boyfie and his family . 
And that was good movie at least :p 
Just for your information , im not interested with any thing about spiderman .
Ummmm~ i dont know too :( 
I just think like , from the whole of tons hero i just like a little bit hero :) -ironman -wolverine -captainamerica -etc

So why i had to saw this movie if i dont like spiderman ? :/
Okey ~ i will tell you a few reason 
First , my boyfie ask me to go with him 
Second , there is andrew garfield and emma stone movie right? 

Actually , when my boyfie ask me to go watch this movie i tell him that i dont like spiderman and i dont know the main story about it . 
And he just say like this "comeon lets watch this movie , people says the spiderman is handsome lohh. Dont you wanna go to see him right?. Dont be shy i know you want to see him but youre to shy because you tell me that you dont like spiderman uh? But theres andrew as spiderman." 
Jengggg jenggg ... 
Then i cant say anything :x im too speechless to say something . 
I only had to say yes ! Of course i wanna watch it if they had handsome boy on this story . 
My boyfie know me well <3 

So you all now know the main reason i watched this movie :p

I think that was a good movie to watch with friend and your boyfie 
Andrew as peter parker looks so damn cute here <3 he is so funny 
And he looks damn perfect couple with gwen stacy (emma stone) 
Shes so stylish . I love it <3 

But i was confused with the opening scene :( 
I dont understand it :( my bad yeahhh 

I think they had too many monster here :( 
Electro was good ;) 
And when they fight at the end was so cool . But its a bit weird when you think that was end then harry is coming and fighting with peter . 
Seriously i hate to admit it when gwen dies :( i cant help but think like how can is be like that ?!!! 
How can gwen dies and leave peter alone :(  
And peter look so frustated when gwen dies :( </3 
At first , i hope gwen just shocked but not :( shes dies 
Hikssa too bad for peter 
He is like lose his hope when all he need is her love 
When all they can think they can live happily together after this but not 
That was complicated story :(

But you shoulda watch this by yourself to  know what goin happen next :) 
Feel the experience guys