[MovieReview] Big Hero Six

Okay , so yesterday i go to cinema to watch this movie ^^
And now i loved to tell you why you shoulda watch this movie too !! 


1. Cause its a good movie 
You can tell by the synopsis :)
2. If you love baymax you shoulda watch this soon!! 


Who's baymax ? :/
Okay i will tell you if you don't know who is baymax. 

Here! Look at this photo below ^^

source: google.com

source: google.com

source: google.com

Yup thats baymax!
He's your nurse buddy :)
he will take care of you when you feel sick and said owch 
He's so kind , lovely and friendly!!! 
I love him so much ! And he's so fluffy uwaaaaaaaa
I hope i had one at home ^^
So whenever i get sick he will treat me ;)
Id loved to!

Haha actually the main reason for me to watched this movie because i love baymax. 
I saw their trailer before and i fall in love with baymax. 
Im so excited and can't wait to saw this movie very soon !

And at least i can watch this movie yesterday!! Yayyy!!

Im so happy ^^ 


I would to tell you all about this movie , but im afraid that i will be spoiler <3 
So i just will tell you about my opinion only not full story
He he he 

So , the story is about hiro he is 13 years old boy. 
He live with his aunt and his brother. 
He really love his brother much and so his brother too. 
He always be there whenever hiro need him. 
Hiro's a really genius boy. 
He's graduated from his school at 13 years old. 
But he didn't go to university. 
He really love all about robotic. 
Until one day his brother took him to his university and he want to go to that university with his brother. 
So he took the audition to go there. 
And you know what ? He did it. 
He got the chance to studied there with his brother. 
But what should i say , god had the other plans for him. 
His brother died. And thats made him really depressed. 
And here he's meet baymax!! 
Baymax is his brother invention. 
He help him to finding the reason behind his brother died. 
With help from his brother best friend he solve it! 

You shoulda watch this movie for sure!!!
You would love it. 
Its really touching heart story. 

Okay here's the end  
Don't forget to watch this movie right? 
And here's some trailer from big hero six 
Check below this !

Big Hero six trailer

source: youtube.com

source: youtube.com