[MovieReview] Paddington Bear

Finally i can watch this movie yayyy ~!

I've been waiting for so long to watch this movie. 
Now after a long trip i can back to my hometown and watch this movie. 
He he he 

I really love paddington and mr. Brown family. 
They're so cute. 
I was a bit sad about the fact that paddington lost his hometown. 
And the fact that life is so cruel not like you imagined before. 

I got a bit surprised while i know that human (Mr. Brown family and all on this movie) understanding bear language because paddington can speak english and everybody didn't look surprised while they saw a bear walking alone in town. 
I guess it must be something strange to saw a bear walking alone in town and can speak with us. 

But at all i love this movie , is so cute. 
Paddington looks so cute adorable and innocent. 

You must watched this movie. 
I recommend this movie to watch with family and friend. 

Ps: i got a bit shock while i saw the ending.  
When they playing snow together but without tony even  judy introduce him to her mother before.