Young promising Indonesian designer : Yosep sinudarsono.

Yayyy ~!

Another Indonesian designer rising again in the global fashion industry. 
Yepp they're Yosep sinudarsono , who designed dress for Milan Akerman and Terri Seymour for Golden Globes 2015. 

Yosep sinudarsono was Indonesian designer from semarang
Even only just 22 years old , the achievement he got quite encouraging. 

He studied under ESMOD and Susan budiharjo institute of fashion
He actually already had clothing store while he was 20th years old. 
But, six months after he met michelle he developing a new brand named Lotuz

There was some of his design who Milan Akerman and Terri Seymour used for Golden Globes 2015

Milan Akerman wearing black dress with embroidered Asia style ; flower pattern & white bird. 
She looks really stunning with that dress. 
Perfectly suit her. 

and for Terri Seymour who was pregnant , she's pick long black dress with cleavage detail in chest. 
Who made her style looking perfectly elegant on Red Carpet (ps. even she was pregnant).

Even the Dailymail (English web news) ex-es simon cowell is be in category of best dress for pregnant actress

Yess ! Yess !! Yess !!! 
Very proud of indonesian designer. 
I Hope there will be another indonesian designer who makin us proud with them just like Yosep Sinudarsono , Tex Saverio & Peggy Hartanto

Keep rising guys~! :)

Cr: wolipop