Eminacosmetics beauty class and workshop with sasyachi

Happy monday ;) 

So , Today i will post about my recent activity. 
Yepp, yesterday i go to EminaCosmetics event, that was beauty class and workshop with my favorite beauty blogger from indonesia Sasyachi EminaCosmetics. 

Beauty class begin at 10.00 am with presentation from EminaCosmetics representative. 

First , le me tell you Whats emina cosmetics was  
Emina cosmetic was a  new beauty brand cosmetic from indonesia. 
Emina cosmetics marketplace is every girl who loves to try and play with makeup. 
The concept of this brand was beauty playground. 
So everyone will cheerfully play with makeup and be more beautiful.

What i love from emina cosmetic was they had such a pastel color for eyeshadow and the packaging was so cute. 

Afterwards we begin to see demo makeup from our beauty blogger Sasyachi and get to know how to do korean makeup from her. 

We finished the beauty class at 12.00 pm and continuing with brunch together at the cafe. 

Following that we begin to start the workshop at 13.00 pm and make our photoboard together with sasyachi

Last but not least we took a picture with everyone in front of EminaCosmetics photobooth (too bad i don't have the pic , i guess i gotta wait for their to upload the pic.)

Location : dia.lo.gue artspace cafe
South kemang 99a