Actions spoke the truth

Sometimes some people talking bad about you and act like nothing happened in front of you. 
Smile and act like you are their bestfriend. 
No. I don't say everyone was that bad. 
But sometimes we met some people with two faced. 
Without knowing why i think i met a lot of two faced people in my life. 
And its made me don't believe with anyone. 
So i decided not to believe every people words until i see the action in their words.
Like , you can say everything in front of me (good things or bad things) and i just can say like oh its okay I don't care what do you think of me at all. 

If you don't like me just tell me. 
You don't need to pretend like you care and then talking bad behind me. 
The truth is I don't care if you don't like me at all just don't act like you care. 
Cause the actions spoke the truth.