Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Favorite Fashion Blogger part. 1

Lets count from one to ten. 
Here we go !! 

Instagram & Snapchat : @CHIARAFERRAGNI

Chiara ferragni is a widely-followed blogger and fashion designer who has been employed by Guess as a model/spokeperson. 
As a blogger , she is known as The Blonde Salad, 
Which is the name of both her blog and her first published book. 
(Cr: wikipedia)


Source : instagram.com/CHIARAFERRAGNI


Why her ? 
I think it's obviously because she's too perfect to be real. 
At her age she is definitely a goals for every girl dreams. 
She is talented and successful woman on her career. 
She love her job and its kind of fun to do something you love and you get paid from it. 
Getting surrounded by every branded clothes , and she earned money from selling her design too. 
As you know she is designed for shoes line , Chiara Ferragni Collection , who doesn't love her design? 
I think its kinda cute design and i love to wear that someday. 
And if you love her too , why don't go to follow her on instagram and snapchat already ?
You can see her live update on snapchat. 
And curious about her blog ? 
Go click here ! 

Instagram & Snapchat : @GOLDENDIAMONDS / @doina.ciobanu

Doina ciobanu Known as model and blogger. 

Source : instagram.com/GOLDENDIAMONDS

Why her ? 
I think it's obvious because, 
Hey, whose don't fall for her pretty smile ? 
Don't you think she has a prettiest smile ? 
I love her smile and her style. 
And if you follow her on snapchat, 
I think you probably know she is the cutest one. 
She's funny and talkative girl. 
I love to be friend with her.