Monday, July 27, 2015

My favorite fashion blogger

So i decided to make a post about my favorite fashion blogger.  

As you know , blogger kind of interesting job but maybe you just don't know how to work it out. 
As for me , i love to do blogging since i am on junior high school. 
I already made my blog since then and post something i like to share with all my readers. 
But at that time , I don't post blog regularly and its just stopped like that. 
And whenever i had time to login to my blog , it's happened i only edited my blog appearance. Without post anything. 

Since it was on my junior high school , i don't do fashion blogging or beauty blogging. Its just normally blog update about my recent activity and what i like the most at that time. 
At that day , internet was something luxurious so its some other reason why I don't blog regularly, beside my school activity. 

But for now , i think i already deleted all my latest post. Haha 
So , i will start over my blog now. 
Its already begin but once again , I don't do it regularly again but I promise i will do it regularly as i can. 
He he 

Ok stop with my "odd story" and lets begin with my favorite fashion blogger post. 
Ok. Here i am !! Yayy. 

So i decided to share with you all list about my favorite fashion blogger , i think i will make it 5part for every post i made. 
In every part will be consist of 2 or 3 my favorite fashion blogger , so stay tuned ! 
He he 
I will make sure i write every detail about them , every socmed they had and the reason why i love them! 
So , are you curious enough ?