Marc+ beauty salon

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life 
- coco chanel 

As a girl, i really love to try and change my hairstyles or looks. 
I loved to try coloring my hair and else. 
Luckily, my parents never interfere my decisions with my hair. 
So i can try every singles looks that i loved. 

Last week, i cut my hair shorter at marc+ beauty salon @ red top hotel
They're located at red top hotel lobby. 

As you can see, marc+ plus beauty salon designed is very neat and minimalist.  
And What i like from this salon was they staff is very nice, me likey so much. 
The treatment also good and i think i really love their hair stylist because he know my hair better than me and he know what i want for my hair. 
Like you know, my hair is damaged by hair dyeing and hair curler usages. 
So i really love the result because my hair looks so healthy now and smooth. 

Thanks and @marcplus_beautysalon (instagram) for the treats ! Me likey. 

And this is the result :) 

Hair salon located : marc+ beauty salon @ redtop hotel (Lobby level). 
Jl. Pecenongan no. 72 - Jakarta pusat. 

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