Hi beauties , 
Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year 2016

can't say enough thanks for everything that i got till the end.
i feel very grateful and blessed.

i never knew blogging could be this fun.
from blogging i got many experience about how to deal with project and else.
 meet many wonderful people.
(other beauty bloggers and everyone.)
and everything.

at first 
i do blogging because i fall in love with fashion and beauty
i see many blogger made blog for that reason 
so i decided to made one
but i just write some post when i opened my computer and i had the feels.
any than that? 
i never updates anything.
just re-design the layout lol :D

i made this blog when i was in middle school
so i never made any commitment for stay up-to-date
and when i was junior im busy with many activities
i joined modeling contest and else.

and while in senior i keep myself busy with study and else.
thinking about writing some post back then 
but im too shy to write anything
do some blog walking but i just be a silent reader.

and lately ive been active again while i became star clozetter in 2015.

in 2015 i made a new friends while i attend some beauty event who's very supported friends.
i met many wonderful people who inspires me to keep blogging.
i became semi-finalist for beauty bound asia 2015 and start vlogging.
(will be updated soon.)
i became star clozetter and met many wonderful blogger who shares many experience and else.
met my favorites fashion and beauty blogger.

i hope in 2016 i can be more and more than 2015 and before.

lots of love,