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Here’s some sneak peek  of my favorites dresses inspirations from AISLE STYLE 


This is one of my favorites dresses that i swear im gonna wear it to prom if i had to.
because its sexy and classy at the same time and the color is just perfect for this models 
you just need to put your bracelet or ring on without any necklace because the high neck lace its the main point for this dress.
and don't forget to ponytail your hair or buns it to let people see the low back models for sure.


Sexy but looks classy , i think its my favorites kind of style
tight dress perfectly look good with the floral lace overlay tulle because its truly breathtaking.
and this dress available with many colors, but i recommend you navy color for breathtaking moment when you walk down the red carpet.


Perfect dress for you who doesn't dare to wear something revealing but still want to look sexy
because its give you a body line sillhoutte with beaded on your chest and skirt


Two-pieces dress for prom ?
why not? if i have to wear two-pieces dress to prom, im going to pick this one first because its have a vintage and glamourous aura so, its perfect for prom night and you can be fierce to with your makeup.


This is gonna be my second choice for two-pieces dress.
if the first two-pieces dress option was the sexy look with short skirt , the second options gonna be a long A-line skirt 
not too sexy but still have a sexy aura with us, so its perfect especially if you gonna be PROM QUEEN because the tiara made this dress look AWE.

So, do you already have in mind what you gonna wear for prom night from AISLE STYLE PROM DRESSES 2016 collection ?
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