hi beauties
finally after waiting for a long time, ive been decided to cut my hair a lil short and got my bangs back. yay!
thanks to irwan team hair design salon, i got it exactly as i want.
curious ? hehe

why don't we start it right away ?
lets go!

as you can see, the salon itself is pretty comfortable and spacious.
they also had 2 floor; 1st floor which is for basic treatment as cutting, coloring and creambath,
while 2nd floor is for kerastase treatment.

 the staffs itself is very friendly and nice, they also make sure you feel comfortable by offering you drinks while waiting for your treatment to start.

before proceeding with haircut, ive got to consultation with my hairstylist first and tell em about my hair condition and what kind of haircut that i want.
as you know, 
lately this past months my hair have been colored and damaged by bleaching and chemical.
so i ask em to cut my damaged hair but keep it long because i want to grow it first and cut it more later.
*save my long hair for holiday yay!

after that, the staff lead me to washing room before proceed to cut my hair later.

this is where you get your hair washed and massaged before the treatment.

before washing, they asked me if i prefer warm or cold water and choose cold water since i always washing my hair with cold water to keep it cool.
as for shampoo, they're using kerastase shampoo for hair colored since my hair is colored.

then they lead me back to my seat and dry my hair a bit before proceeding to hair cut.


as for haircut, i told my stylist about the haircut i want beforehand, so he just need to proceed it and cut it.
i ask him to keep it long and have it layered, no trimmed because layers add volume to my hair.
i also ask for above eyebrow bangs as nowadays korean girl trend and gives up on see-through bangs.
(reference above eyebrow bangs; yubin wonder girls)

if you followed me for long on instagram, i bet you already know that i always do the same haircut.
long hair with bangs to short mid-length hair with bangs and lately go with see-through bangs.
(i called my long haircut is pun-pun hair ? inspired by some japan girls in movie and manga/anime, 
i was think to do this haircut too, but i give up and try other haircut inspired by yubin wonder girls in her previous mv why so lonely. i don't want people keep misunderstanding me for wearing hair-extention when the truth is not, but i love this haircut and they suit me well, maybe next time i gonna back to this haircut)

fyi, i always grow my hair longer before going to salon, just feels like it helps em cut my hair easier and get my hair done exactly as i want because you can't make mistake right ? and says i can't have that haircut because my hair is too short.

chop chop chop 

after completing my haircut, my hairstylist ask me whether i want to get my hair styled or not and i choose no, since i don't plan to go anywhere after this (just wanna strolling in mall)
and he also ask me whether i styled my hair everyday or not, and since im too lazy to styled my hair everyday when i got nowhere to go and prefer my hair fall as it is, my hairstylist helps me to cut a lil of my hair again to help it fall nicely as it is even without hairstyling everyday.

Final result !

totally feeling satisfied with the final result, as expected from irwan team hair design team.
i got my hair and bangs done nicely as i wanted it.
thanks mr. hairstylist to make it as i wanted and listen to me well.
(sorry i forgot his name but i think its febri ? its all because i got there too early and my brains not fully operational lol. lots of kisses)
thankyou clozetteid and irwan team hair design for sponsoring me and your nice service.
Once again, congrats irwan team hair design salon for you newly opened store at PIK AVENUE MALL.

if you're needing a haircut or want to get your hair done, don't forget to drop by irwan team hair design at PIK AVENUE MALL level 1 (front h&m) because they're having special in store promotions!

Location: Pik Avenue mall level 1 (front HM)
*online booking click here !

picture credits @hannyhilary 
ps. thanks for accompany me early in the morning! loves ya!