As a girl who grew-up with passion in fashion and beauty field,
i sometimes wondering what kind of wedding dress and makeup that i am goin to wear for that special moment.

especially when you loves to watch many disney princess movie as i am,
probably you was wondering
 "am i goin to wear that cinderella wedding dress on my wedding too ?"
"did aurora makeup gonna look good on me for my wedding ?"
"shall i up-do my hair like belle did on her wedding ?"

you might find yourself pondering in your bed late at night and scrolling thru pinterest to find some of wedding dress type you might like and pin it on your pinterest collection.
(even though you're not goin to get married soon, but you can't help wonder and imagine it, rite ?)
yep yep!
 pinterest sometimes help us find some wedding dress inspiration or outfit or anything that might inspire us.
*thanks pinterest! you are a really big help in our lifes

well, i know its not stoppin there
because sometimes we even scroll thru some wedding dress website to find our perfect wedding dress design for our future wedding.

so, here i am goin to give you 5 wedding dress inspiration from uk.millybridal website that sellin the best and probably beautiful wedding dress in uk
(they also sell bridesmaid dress and prom dress too.)

and here's my 
* i'll link all the product i choose

Shoulder-off style for wedding dress ?
why not ?

i choose this style because its remind me of princess aurora pink dress that she always wear on the story.

so, if you lookin for princess aurora iconic dress 
i recommend you to pick this dress as your wedding dress

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or you can choose this one,
if you don't like long tail on your wedding dress but wanna keep that shoulder-off kind of style.

don't you think this dress gonna gives you a little matured images but still had that princess-y look ?

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goin for sexy look ?
how about tube dress with long tail ?

i bet this dress goin to give you a really sexy look yet elegant vibes with their bead laces applique.

sexy and elegant look in one dress ?
take my money uk.millybridal! you got my respect!

you can buy it here!

festive wedding theme ?
why don't go for this beaded rainbow ball-gown.

you can had that sexy and fun look with this wedding dress, don't let em steal your show!

where to buy ?

or you can try to rock this wedding dress and be playful with your hairdo.
ponytail ? braids ? you name it.
this is your day.

goin sexy and perfectly look like a model on your special day ? why not!

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You can also check on their main website for another wedding dress style 
from lace wedding dresses to vintage wedding dresses