When the rainy season comes, sweater gonna be a perfect choice for this season especially when you live in Indonesia whose only have 2 season (dry season & rainy season).

Why sweater is a perfect choice when its rainy season? Because its help you warm your body and even you just wear sweater , you'll still look great.

Well, basically sweaters gonna be looks so boring if you gonna wear it just like that and for everyday use when its rainy season (yes, I know it!). But who's says we can't mix and match it? Its basic item on fashion rite? So we can happily mix and match it with many outer or bottom.

And here's some reference for sweater mix & match. Scroll down babe!
1. Long Sweater (dress)
2. Sweater + Cullotes
3. Sweater + Skirt
4. Sweater + Pants
5. Sweater + Dungarees

pic source: pinterest.com

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