Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy birthday to you :*

Happy birthday to you ..

Happy birthday to you ..

Happy birthday .. Happy birthday ..

Happy birthday to youuuu ..

Happy Birthday Daddy :*
we love you so much more ..
sorry for every mistakes that i made ..
sorry to make you worried with every little things i do ..
and so ..
thankyou for everything you gave for me from yesterday till today ..
i wish for your happiness and longlife :)
wish you success on your carrier and bussiness
hope you will love me , my sista and my mother more more more and more than before and never less than before
love you :***

all my love is for you MV by girls' generation

anyeong chingu ;)
there's new single from girl's generation
all my love is for you
everyone looks so beautiful here  especially taeyeon eonnie and tiffany
ohh .. so envy with her two
i hope i have her beautiful face haha
kidding me..
just check this out :D

New MV OH! by girls' generation

 Oh! ..
 Oh! ..
 Oh! ..
 Oh! ..

teheeee ..
anyeong-haseyo chingu ;)
there's new music video OH! from girls' generation for all soshi
let's check this out :D
and give the comment :D