Friday, September 25, 2015


Finally ,
after a long waited and i reach my decision to upload this video.
i made it today.
yayyy ~!

i don't know either to upload this video or not 
 because sometime i feel insecure about the other semi-finalist
why ? 
thats because they're really cool 
and i find it intimidating somehow
since i am new in this vlogging things
and im not that kind of person who talk much 
i might say i am an observation 

yes , 
because sometimes i am observation the people , and every little things
but , i keep trying to talk more to people 
and be friendly with all.
no , its isnt because i am arrogant.
its more like i love being alone
gladly in there i find many friends who loves the same thing as me 

lucky me to be the one of semi-finalist 
thanks beautyboundasia
i am really thankful because it made me more realize about my passion in beauty .
i really want to be the winner and do more better with beauty .
i want to made everyone who supports my dreams is happy too with this
(Especially my family and boyf , i don't care about what people says about my dreams as long as you are care enough and supports my dreams , even the craziest one. thanks to help me and keeps cheering me up whenever i feel down and insecure about my dreams.)

oh yeahh
about this video 
i record this with the help of my sister .
(thanks sissy , love ya)

i really like the result 

if you want to watch my video please just click the video bellow 

if you like my video please subscribes and thumbs up 
and wish me to be the national finalist 
so i can upload more video 

please don't send any hates comments
i know im not perfect
but i am tryin 

Playlist of the months

R.City feat. Adam Levine 
Locked Away

Taylor Swift 
Wildest Dream

Little Mix 

Black Magic

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hi guys ~! 
Like i said before on my latest post, i am one of the semi-finalist of Beauty Bound Asia 2015 and am really glad to got this opportunity for sure. 
I really hope i can be the national finalist and grand finalist from indonesia and be the winner (i hope so!.)
So everyone who support me until now will be proud of me. 
Thanks for family and boyfie who always been there to help me and cheer me up. 
I will give my best to this. 

Last Saturday, i go to event workshop for Beauty Bound Asia at Foundry level ll
But as you can see the post before this , i got a nice treat before the event , yep! I got a chance to meet up lunch with LittleMissBoo and Chyntian
And after that we go to foundry to attending the workshop event with the other semi-finalist. 

The workshop began at 14.00 and ended at 18.30pm. 
The registration opened at 14.00pm so we had to line up for registration our name and get our ID Card. 
Wohooo ~ 
The sessions start with opening speech from the host and began with workshop from ms. Niken sasmaya as strategic partner manager, youtube. 
Then followed with demo makeup from SK II (yayyy~!).  

I learned much ! 
And experience much.  

I hope i can be the national finalist and come to your next workshop and meet you all again ;). 

Top by @lacelys (instagram) 


Yesterday such a long tiring day but wonderful time. 
Did you know why ? Because i am one of the semi-finalists of beauty bound asia in indonesia. 
And the day before yesterday its happened that i received an email confirmation about the workshop and invitation to meet up lunch with beauty bound asia coach (LittleMissBoo and Chyntian) from niken (strategic partner manager, YouTube.) and its only for 20 first applicants. 
Yayyy ~! Lucky me ;)

The meet up lunch location at la luce lot. 18 SCBD Sudirman and held before the event  
They gave us the opportunity to ask the coach about everything we want to know about how to be a good beauty creator, what qualifications their meet to be tge finalists, how they start their YouTube channel, and many more. 
Also we can share our story about how we start our YouTube channel and what application we used to editing our video. 
I meet many new friends here and there. 


Im really glad i got a chance and opportunities to meetup lunch and be the semi-finalist for beauty bound asia. 
I really hope i can pass the next challenge and be the nation finalists :)

ps. Sorry i got no pic About our meetup lunch , its because im get lost to be there. I got here late and such in a hurry  so i forgot to bring my camera with me. 
But don't worry , please look forward for my next post about the workshop event beauty bound asia. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.  

-Karl Lagerfeld 

For me Black and white is like my favorite color. 

Wait. . .

I think its not only for me. 
For every people.  
Because its easy to wear with any color.  

That's why i really love to play with black and white color. 

And nowadays , i really love to wear cullotes pants for the day and mix it with my white platform for any occasions. 

Here's my #ootd for the day.

Detailed #ootd
Lowback croptop @lacelys (on instagram)
white Cullotes