Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hi beauties.
Finally, the wait is over!
yayyy .

its been a several days since CHARIS launching in indonesia and they already spoiled all of their members with a special beauty box only for us.

as you can see they already sent us a special package for GRAND OPENING event and here i am gonna do some #unboxing for you :*

whats inside CHARIS beauty box :
- a sweet letter from charis official 
- GLAMSKIN jeju cucumber 3D sheet mask
- MODY juicy nails color
- Beauty Blender
- KLAVUU Red Pearlsation UV Protection City Defencer 
- Bracelet

well, i can't wait to try them soon
please wait for more review on my next blog post :)


CHARIS is a Worlds First Influencer based commerce platform
The Optimal Solution for all - products provider , online celebrities and users.

The first time i heard about CHARIS is when i attended one of the biggest event in town STYLECONASIA in June to meet with itsbubz and others beauty influencer and thanks to styleconasia, i've joined charis and became in love with charis since then.

if you're looking for a recommended fashion and beauty stuff from all over the world, charis is the answer.
go to charis for shopping or sign up as their seller by click here !

here's some video introduction about charis and how to join us.