Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hi beauties , 
Happy New Year 2016 
sorry for the late greetings 
since i was traveling and arrived yesterday at home .

if you follow me on instagram or see my youtube vlog ,
i think you already knew my new hair.
yes , its PINK!
ombre pink i guess.

i've been curious for this hair color for a long time
 and i think this is the perfect time to try it.
so, why not ?

i coloring this hair before i go to HK for holiday and it turn out perfectly fine.
i love how the color turn out.
thanks for my stylist.
but sadly , they didn't last long.
idk why my hair been growing too fast , whenever i coloring my hair a few days later i already can see a black roots.

here's my newest pic with my pink hair :)

airport ootd is a must to do while traveling 

Tips : for color like pink and else , i think its better to keep re-coloring it again to keep your hair color like you want.
and don't wash your hair too often or it will fade faster.

thinking about go with lilac hair color or pink purple like ponysmakeup onnie hair.
any recommendation what hair color i should try next ?

comment bellow :)

few color i already tried before 


Blonde ombre


Green ombre


Red inside 


Pink ombre