Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Really? I can't wait for 3ce cinema #pinkrumour 
I hope i could come for their opening :)
And did you know what the best is ? 
Stylenanda has instagram hashtag event start now. 
The gift is PINK RUMOUR set (value of 272.000) for 3 people only. 
Damn~ i really hope i can win it and make a review with it. 
I really love all stylenanda product , including 3CE.  
They really had a good taste of style. 

I love their model too , especially SORA unnie :) 
She has a girl dream body. 
I hope i can meet her someday. 

Too bad , yesterday when i went to I.T singapore at wisma atria , I can't find any product of stylenanda. 
Though i really want to buy their kkxx clutch. 
I hope next holiday,  i could go to seoul and shopping at stylenanda there. 

So, did you already joining this instagram hashtag event? 

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I hope i can win this :) 

Here's their video of stylenanda PINK RUMOUR ~ 

Check this out ~!