Saturday, July 16, 2016


- Harry Winston 👌🏻


Yepp! Wherever you go, whatever you do and dress-up people will always stares at you from head-to-toe, so please make sure you always wear your best makeup and outfit and be confident with it. 

I always wear what i want and do what i want without really consent about what the others gonna say about me behind. 
Because no matter what you do (Good or Bad), 
people will always had something to talk about you. 
So i just do and wear what i really love and close my eyes&ears.


Recently, ive got my hair done with a really extreme color like pink which i never try before. 
And its happened, 
(people stares and talkin about my hair color  *the funny thing is they think i am japanese girl and greet me with japan or english wherever i go, even on my hotel which they know i am indonesian but talk to me like i am a foreigner.)
but i really don't care about it as long as i love it and confident with it. 

And once again, i tryin to pull out  another extreme hair color like green hair 
(well, ive always want to try coloring my hair green before like *hani exid but im aware its not going to workin out on my hair, so my sissy ask me to try with pink hair first and its decided. 
Ive tried pink and love it)
 for my recent trip to MY. 

And here's some pic from my recent trip to MY with my new hair color. 



Dress: Zara Flowy Dress
Boots: H&M
Hat: CottonOn 
Bag: Private collection

Ps. I got this dress from my boyf for my birthday this year and i love it! 
Its perfect for MY weather which is always hot. 
*Btw you can see my MY trip video on my youtube channel since i recording video for my Cathydoll blogger contest there.