Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Urban whistle 2015 with Clara Devi

So, last week i got a chance to be the one of participants make over head to toe by Clara Devi (@lucedale) 
Yep, like all of you already know , she's a fashion blogger from indonesia. 
And i feel very honored to be chosen and get to know and talk about her style. 

In my opinions , She's very humble person and friendly , i love being around her.  
She's gonna be my next favorite fashion blogger i guess. 

And here's my makeover result by clara devi (@lucedale

For my looks , we called it secretary look. 
Peplum top + pencil skirt = perfect combination for this look. 

With all participants and ClaraDevi (

Wefie time ❤️ 

Urban whistle 2015
Location : Fashion Hub MKG 
Mkg 3 lt. 2 

Clothes: Lolly's secret collection 
Shoes : Gosh
Makeup&Hair do : Dry me 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall/winter season tips

Hi ;) 
Im back with fall/winter outfit tips ;) 
Like you already know , the weather now a little bit cold so it is a good reason for us to wear something bit warm for your body ;)

For this season i prefer to use turtleneck outfit or light sweater , its helps keep my body warm and comfortable to do my activity. 

Here's a bit of reference for now ;) 
Check the pics bellow 

Pic source :