Saturday, February 20, 2016


Happy Valentine Beauties !

Sabtu kemarin aku dan beberapa star clozetter berkesempatan untuk menghadiri salah satu event dari sociollaxhawaku yaitu 
yang berlokasi di sociolla pop up store di mall plaza indonesia lt. 4

Acara di mulai dengan talkshow seputar relationship bersama
dan dilanjutkan dengan demo makeup valentine look.

Gak hanya itu, kita juga berkesempatan untuk mendapatkan free treatment yang telah di sediakan oleh sociolla, yaitu
Nail art , Makeup and Hairdo.

Di akhir acara , atau lebih tepat nya acara yang paling di tunggu-tunggu oleh para single ladies nih yaitu
 meet&greet with Mike Lewis.
no , he's not coming just to say hi.
'coz disini Mike bercerita tentang what valentine mean for him and what is his valentine dream.

Mau tau keseruan nya kaya apa sih ?
scroll down untuk lihat keseruan dari acara ini ya :)
talkshow with mr.alex as representative from
demo makeup
glamour look

glamour look model - mira 'hawa sister'
mira as model for demo makeup glamour look
demo makeup - girly look
stefanie from poshandplus / starclozetter
 as model for girly look makeup
mira 'hawa sister'  -  stefanie 'starclozetter'
as model for demo makeup
nail art station at sociolla pop up store
makeup station at sociolla pop up store
makeup station at sociolla pop up store
full of makeup stuff from makeup station
makeup station at sociolla pop up store
mike lewis  meet&greet
mike lewis meet&greet at sociolla pop up store
with mike lewis
with fellow beautyblogger & starclozetter
me - catherine - felicia - stefanie

- Teman 3in1 yang pas dan bikin happy -

hi beauties
Softex hello kitty baru-baru ini kembali mengeluarkan inovasi terbaru nya yaitu, softex light airy 3in1.

Apasih softex light airy 3in1 itu ?
Softex light airy 3in1 merupakan kemasan box berwarna putih yang berisi 3 tipe pembalut yang pas untuk 1 siklus haid.
jadi super praktis buat kalian cewe-cewe yang beraktifitas banyak loh, karna sangat nyaman dipakai.

Softex light airy merupakan pembalut super tipis yang permukaan nya selembut sutra dan dilengkapi dengan Silkytouch Surface technology.

Bersamaan dengan Softex light airy 3in1
Softex juga memiliki varian baru yang cocok digunakan pas lagi banyak-banyak nya baik siang maupun malam hari
Softex light airy 35cm dan Softex comfort slim 36cm.

Seneng banget pas tau kalau Softex kembali mengeluarkan inovasi terbaru nya untuk softex hellokitty, karna softex hello kitty itu bener-bener nyaman dipakai saat kita lagi banyak-banyak nya.
gak ganggu aktifitas kita meski sedang banyak-banyak nya, karna softex hellokitty menyerap lebih banyak dan nyaman sehingga kita tidak merasa risih saat pemakaian.
kemasan nya juga lucu dan menarik banget,
cocok buat cewek-cewek remaja jaman sekarang.

Sekarang gak perlu takut lagi deh beraktifitas banyak maupun pusing saat tidur di malam hari saat sedang banyak-banyak nya , karna softex hello kitty yang bikin happy.

Produk-produk ini bisa dibeli di Indomaret , Alfamart dan Supermarket lain nya.

presented by Sociolla
supported by:    AsmaraKu    Softex HelloKitty    UBER


Friday, February 12, 2016

#HAIRVENTURE New hair on New Age

Your hair is the CROWN you never take off.

Sure, I agreed with this one. 
Because Since i am young , i already like to coloring my hair. 
I've tried brown, deep red, dark blue, wine purple, even blonde while i was junior high school. 
Not only when i am in junior high school i did coloring my hair , i still do it while i am on senior high school and untill now. 

Scolding? I've received it all. 
But, it's not stopping me because I don't think its wrong.
(*why I don't think so? I'll tell you later on my vlog Hair Story. So? Stay tuned!)

Since i am graduated now , I've tried more color that I can't have before. 
(*click here! To see my previous post about my hair adventure untill now.)
And thanks to l'oreal whose granted my #HairWish and mr. Rudi from Haircode as my hairstylist , i got an AWESOME hair. 

I loved it! 
The color and cut turn out super awesome and its awe me. 

I booked an appointment with mr. Rudi for friday. 
And it takes around 9 hours for this hair color. 
I really glad i got the best hairstylist who treat my hair super careful and know my hair best. 
I told him i want to get a new haircut whose made my face look skinnier and new pastel hair color, and He helps me picked the best hair color. 
As you know before , i did ombre hair and my hair become frizzy after that so i need to cut it a little shorter. 
I already dying to get pastel hair for a long time, and now its time to make it came true. 
So here's my new hair on my new age. 

the most painful moment :(

after two times washing 

If you want to get the same hair color as mine , I recommend you to go to:

And ask for mr. Rudi as your hair stylist. 
Told him you want the same hair color as mine or show him my pic. 

*i think the color turn out different every time i try to capture it
because when i see it in real it turn out greyish , but when i take a picture with my camera without flash it turn out greyish and brown .
its different too when i capture it with flash , it turn out purplish or redish.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hi beauties , 
Happy New Year 2016 
sorry for the late greetings 
since i was traveling and arrived yesterday at home .

if you follow me on instagram or see my youtube vlog ,
i think you already knew my new hair.
yes , its PINK!
ombre pink i guess.

i've been curious for this hair color for a long time
 and i think this is the perfect time to try it.
so, why not ?

i coloring this hair before i go to HK for holiday and it turn out perfectly fine.
i love how the color turn out.
thanks for my stylist.
but sadly , they didn't last long.
idk why my hair been growing too fast , whenever i coloring my hair a few days later i already can see a black roots.

here's my newest pic with my pink hair :)
airport ootd is a must to do while traveling 

Tips : for color like pink and else , i think its better to keep re-coloring it again to keep your hair color like you want.
and don't wash your hair too often or it will fade faster.

thinking about go with lilac hair color or pink purple like ponysmakeup onnie hair.
any recommendation what hair color i should try next ?

comment bellow :)

few color i already tried before

Blonde ombre

Green ombre

Red inside

Pink ombre