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Welcome back to my blog and please have a seat and keep scroll down to know about what Im gonna share with you about the newest happening Korean brand makeup in Indonesia , yep that’s cathy doll.

Like I already told you before in my previous post (about cathy doll, you can read it here!) 
cathy doll not only released facial care products, Body care products but also makeup products. (ex:  Mascara, eyeliner, Blush-on, Tint & Gloss, BB cream and cushion.)
And guess what I am gonna share and review for you ?
Yep that’s Cathy doll AA air cushion soft.

 AA Air Cushion is the best whitening product for your skin from korean makeup brand , Cathy Doll.

It contains Collagen, Ceramide, Vitamin C derivatives combined with the benefits of an Auto Aura, Moisturizing, Cooling, Concealing, Whitening, Tone correcting. and UV protection for a flawless healthy complexion.

Most of all ingredients in AA air cushion soft from cathy doll is do not contain any harmful chemicals such as: Paraben, Mineral oil, Animal oil, Sulfate surfactant, Tar colours, Benzophenone, Petrolatum, Alcohol, Propolene glycol, Phthalate.

So I guarantee it 100% safe for your skin.

 please pardon, the people walking.

Besides, AA air cushion soft from cathy doll equipped with SPF 45 PA++ which is useful  for protecting our skin from sun exposures UVA and UVB.

Instant Glowing Skin, Weightless, Non-Greasy and fresh all day long.

Cathy Doll AA Air Cushion soft Completed with 9 wonderful effect 
Auto aura, Whitening, Covering Blemish, 
Quick-Step Using, Moisturizing , Oil Control, 
Cooling, Sun Protection, Tone Correcting.

How to use
Tap sponge gently on AA cushion pad
Then Apply it evenly all over your face and neck with a tap-tap motion
And you’re done ! 

*How to rinse sponge after daily use
Rinse it with warm water and liquid cleaner everytime you use it to keep cushion works effectively.

Komposisi :
Cycclopentasiloxane,Titaniium Dioxide,Ethylhexyl,Methoxycinnemate,Zinc Oxide, C12-15,Alkyl Benzoate,Diproplylene Glycool,4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor,Dimethicone,Phenyl Trimethicone,PEG-9 Polydimethylsoxyethyl Dimethicone,Niacinamide,Dimethicone Copolymer,PEG-10/15 Crosspolymer, CI77492,Talc,Disteardimonium Hectorrite,Acrylates/Dimethicone,,CI77491,Disodium Edta,Hydrolyzed Collagen,Triethoxycaprylylsilane,Water,Vitamin E,Parfum,Butylane.



Before , I only love one cushion product from Korean brand which is I think you already hear about them before because they’re famous  for  best coverage cushion  and now, I fallin love with another  cushion from Korean brand and that  is CATHY DOLL AA AIR CUSHION SOFT.

Why ? because This is the best cushion for everyday use with valuable price and cute packaging.

Not only that, there’s much  reason why I love this Cathy doll AA air cushion 
Because its easy to use, water proof cushion and have instantly whitening effects, which is I love the most because its not easy to find cushions with whitening effect or white color so that’s why I love this cushion the most.

And Especially they’re water proof cushion so whenever its rain I don’t have to worry about my makeup anymore.

this is my secrets product to have a flawless makeup and i want to share it with you guys,
so you can have my secrets to get flawless makeup with only one product.
hope you like it the way i like it.


Easy to use 
Whitening effect 
 Tone Correcting
Water Proof
 Oil Control
 Feeling Fresh All Day
Cute Packaging
Fit in your bag to bring it everyday with you


As for me, I think its Not covering blemish very much but its worth to buy and try. 
sponge doesn't work too well, its break after 7th times 

check out my video review on my Youtube channel !

Where to buy ?
Kalian bisa pesan online semua product dari cathy doll di www.cathydoll.co.id * atau dengan langsung mendatangi salah satu pop-up store cathydoll di  Mall Gandaria city (GF Main Street, unit PC-1 dekat Wakai.)
*Kalian juga bisa melihat product best seller lain nya loh di akun sosial media cathydoll atau website cathydoll !

Social Media CathyDoll Indonesia 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


When the rainy season comes, sweater gonna be a perfect choice for this season especially when you live in Indonesia whose only have 2 season (dry season & rainy season).

Why sweater is a perfect choice when its rainy season? Because its help you warm your body and even you just wear sweater , you'll still look great.

Well, basically sweaters gonna be looks so boring if you gonna wear it just like that and for everyday use when its rainy season (yes, I know it!). But who's says we can't mix and match it? Its basic item on fashion rite? So we can happily mix and match it with many outer or bottom.

And here's some reference for sweater mix & match. Scroll down babe!
1. Long Sweater (dress)
2. Sweater + Cullotes
3. Sweater + Skirt
4. Sweater + Pants
5. Sweater + Dungarees

pic source: pinterest.com

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