Monday, March 21, 2016


Last weekend i got an invitation to Sakura White Bloggers' Tea Party from GarnierID

I was so happy when i come and saw the decoration because its so cute full of pink and white color like sakura season. 

I really love everything all about sakura thats why i am gladly come to this Sakura White Bloggers Tea Party , especially when i know i can meet others blogger here and have some little fun together. 

Events start with speech from celixa as representative from garnier sakura white and to be continued by mey from garnier sakura white.  

Its not only about the Sakura white products but we have some little chit chat too about our face problems , what we like to know from this products and everything about beauty while we have afternoon tea party. 

We also tried their Sakura white newest products (serum) and talk about it a little. 

And just like that the time passed and its time to farewell. 
But before we part , we took some wefie together yaayy~! 



I hope there's more event like this and i'll gladly come if i can. 

Thanks Garnier for having me ❤️

Ps. We also get Sakura White Set products and i can't wait to try it and share it with you guys. See yaa soon~!

Monday, March 7, 2016

#EVENTREPORT TheFaceShop CC Cushion Launching

Hi beauties, 
how's your days ?

last Thursday , i got an invitation from my fellow beauty blogger to join her for the face shop CC Cushion Launching.
and here i have some event report for you all my beauties.
hope you like it :)

event start with an explanation of cc cushion.
the different from cc cushion the face shop and other brands.
and what's their advantages.

then we have a talkshow with our guest star,
jessyamada (blogger) 
angel (cherrybelle member)
about what their opinions of cc cushion product from the face shop.
guest star :
Angel (cherrybelle)
Jessyamada (blogger)

last but not least ,
we have demo makeup from the face shop MUA.

you can also have your picture taken here on thefaceshop photo booth :)

ps. you can exchange your old cushion with cc cushion from the face shop for free.
only in this event :)

don't close your tab yet
there's more for you.

lets check whats inside thefaceshop goodie bag

yayy~! that was thefaceshop's favorite collection, shea butter mask and cc cushion sample; intense cover and ultra moist.

thefaceshop's favorite collection contains:
white seed real whitening essence
chia seed sebum control moisture cream
face it power perfection BB cream SPF 37/PA++
chia seed fresh cleansing foam
seaweed moisturizing pack
orchid sensual body cleanser
orchid body lotion

thefaceshop's favorite collection contains 7 best seller product whose you can try before you buy the product, and what i really love about this favorite collection is orchid collection.
they smelled so good , i really love the orchid smell.
thinking about buying the orchid collection product hmm.

since the packaging was so cute , i fall in love with the packaging color.
you can get yours too on the face shop :)

thanks the face shop for having me :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hi beauties, 
I'm back with unboxing post ~!

dan sekarang aku akan unboxing fasyen box.

apasih fasyen box itu ?
fasyen box merupakan reward untuk fasyenist yang aktif di fasyen app.
nah, kalo kalian suka me-review or mau cari tau makeup or skincare apasih yg di recommend in para fasyenist, kalian bisa download fasyen app disini for google playstore and follow my fasyen @jennifermarcellina for more short review!

lets started ~!

this fasyen box contains 2 facial sheets mask from mybeautydiary mask;
strawberry yogurt and black pearl

strawberry yogurt mask.
- untuk mencerahkan 
- memudarkan garis-garis halus 
- mengontrol minyak berlebih

cocok untuk semua tipe kulit, khusus nya kulit kombinasi.

black pearl mask.
- untuk melembabkan dan mencerahkan 
- meningkatkan elastisitas kulit

cocok untuk semua tipe kulit, khusus nya kulit kusam.


- Smell really nice 
(Honestly i really love strawberry and i am very happy with this strawberry yogurt mask because they smell really nice like a real one.)
- Cool sensation- the mask size is fit for my small face not larger like the other facial sheets mask. - smooth skin


- what i hate from facial sheets mask is they spilling everywhere when i tried to wear it :(

 that's why i prefer peel-off mask. 
- a little sticky in the end

About my beauty diary mask
My Beauty Diary specializes in facial masks suitable for various seasons and skin types. My Beauty Diary offers two different mask collections both aimed at making skin look younger and more radiant. The Luxury Line combines Japanese ingredients, techniques and the latest nano biotechnology for a 100% fragrance-free and alcohol-free essence to deliver holistic beauty, while the Natural Key Line uses natural, nourishing extracts that help protect and nourish skin under daily stress.

Thanks fasyen for the reward ~! 
I hope i get more chance to reviewing more fasyen box :)