Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Peachy chic sunday outfit

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Like you know already , short never goes wrong with any top. 
So sometimes when i am in hurry and don't know what to wear , i just pick shorts and match it with anything. 

And i pick peachy helter neck this time to match my shorts. 
They had a sexy back style so you can match it with a simply shorts to get more attention on your top. 

For makeup you only need;
- Eyeliner 
- Pink Lipstick 


Forgive my messy hair and my duckface ^^v 

I guess i am going crazy when its time for selfie 

Credit goes to my lil sissy <3

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Doraemon 100 secret gadget expo ~

Laaa laaa laaaa 
Aku sayang sekali , Doraemon ~

Finally we had Doraemon expo in Jakarta. 

What is Doraemon 100 secret  gadget expo ?

That was an event who will displayed 100 secret gadget Doraemon had from his pocket. 
This event began until march 2015. 
This event only for 100th days, so you better hurry up!
Pack your things , camera and go fly to Doraemon 100 secret gadget expo who opened at Ancol Beach City mall. 
Located on pantai carnaval, Taman impian jaya ancol, Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14430. 

Ticket for entry the expo is idr 90.000,- per ticket for adult and idr 55.000,- per ticket for child. 
You can purchase it via online or buy it on the spot booth. 

Not only you can take a picture with doraemon but you also can buy many souvenir and beverages all about doraemon. 

Don't forget to Bring your bestie , hubby or family with you to see this gorgeous Doraemon before it running out of time. 
Because its too cute to be. 

Doraemon displayed stuff is import from japan. 

Welcome to Doraemon world 

Nobita and friends at the usual park they used for playing together

a. Nobita while enjoying dinner with his family.   b. Nobita and friends while enjoying their time together

Shizuka and nobita wedding ceremony

Parallela umbrella

Ps: Bring your camera and phone with you to take much picture <3
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Chic black and white

So today i decided to joining acer liquid jade chic black and white challenge ^^
From clozetteid

Yeaaa ~
The theme for this event is chic black and white 
So i used this outfit :3 
Hope you dont mind my bare face xx 

I use heath ledger crop top white x black leather x vinci black flatshoes x chanel perfume case (additional acc)

Please ignore my bare face xx 
Its so embarassing 

Credit for my lil sist who helped me took this photo xx 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[MovieReview] The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part.1

Finally i can watch this movie!
Im so excited and can't wait for this movie out. 


Honestly, i don't really into this story before. 
But, one day i accidentally watched this movie and i love the story , makeup , wardrobe and graphic there. 
Thats was so cool!!! 

The graphic really great and i loved it !
The cast is jennifer lawrence
Jennifer lawrence as katniss everdeen 
She's the main character there. 


The Mockingjay deals with the events that occur after Katniss and other tributes escape from the 75th Quarter Quell Hunger Games, and ally with the long-hidden District 13 and other rebels seeking to overthrow the tyrannical Capitol. For much of the first half of the book, Katniss is reduced to being primarily a propaganda symbol for the rebellion led by ruthless District 13 President Alma Coin. Some reviewers complain that the emphasis on propaganda is unsatisfying because it means that Katniss does not have as much agency as in the previous books, and spends much of the time in frustration, as she and her loved ones become the pawns of more powerful forces. But I think this is a feature of the plot rather than a bug. It enables us to feel the moral ambiguities of propaganda and the manipulation of public ignorance, even when done in a good cause. Moreover, it would be implausible if Katniss, a relatively inexperienced teenager, arrived in District 13 and quickly assumed control over its policies, despite the presence of Coin and other long-established adult leaders.


Based on my opinion : i really love the scene where's katniss singing. 
I think that was wonderful scene and heart touching. 

I love jennifer lawrence hair there. 
Simple but looks mature for her. 

I can't wait for the part2. 
Im so excited!! 

Other source by the washington post

Thursday, November 20, 2014

[MovieReview] Big Hero Six

Okay , so yesterday i go to cinema to watch this movie ^^
And now i loved to tell you why you shoulda watch this movie too !! 


1. Cause its a good movie 
You can tell by the synopsis :)
2. If you love baymax you shoulda watch this soon!! 


Who's baymax ? :/
Okay i will tell you if you don't know who is baymax. 

Here! Look at this photo below ^^




Yup thats baymax!
He's your nurse buddy :)
he will take care of you when you feel sick and said owch 
He's so kind , lovely and friendly!!! 
I love him so much ! And he's so fluffy uwaaaaaaaa
I hope i had one at home ^^
So whenever i get sick he will treat me ;)
Id loved to!

Haha actually the main reason for me to watched this movie because i love baymax. 
I saw their trailer before and i fall in love with baymax. 
Im so excited and can't wait to saw this movie very soon !

And at least i can watch this movie yesterday!! Yayyy!!

Im so happy ^^ 


I would to tell you all about this movie , but im afraid that i will be spoiler <3 
So i just will tell you about my opinion only not full story
He he he 

So , the story is about hiro he is 13 years old boy. 
He live with his aunt and his brother. 
He really love his brother much and so his brother too. 
He always be there whenever hiro need him. 
Hiro's a really genius boy. 
He's graduated from his school at 13 years old. 
But he didn't go to university. 
He really love all about robotic. 
Until one day his brother took him to his university and he want to go to that university with his brother. 
So he took the audition to go there. 
And you know what ? He did it. 
He got the chance to studied there with his brother. 
But what should i say , god had the other plans for him. 
His brother died. And thats made him really depressed. 
And here he's meet baymax!! 
Baymax is his brother invention. 
He help him to finding the reason behind his brother died. 
With help from his brother best friend he solve it! 

You shoulda watch this movie for sure!!!
You would love it. 
Its really touching heart story. 

Okay here's the end  
Don't forget to watch this movie right? 
And here's some trailer from big hero six 
Check below this !

Big Hero six trailer



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"ulzzang looks" competition

Hi everyone ! 
Welcome to my journal live <3 


Today i decided to joining Bblog ulzzang looks competition!! 

Here's some make-up tutorial below 
Please scroll down for this simple makeup "ulzzang looks"   :) 


The theme for this competition is ulzzang looks 
So the main point on this makeup focused on eyes makeup. 

Ulzzang is korean style makeup who had mean best face ;)
So, for everybody who read this and want to had their makeup please keep reading it !

Here's the 9th step tutorial : 



All product you need to make this simple makeup is : 
1. Bb cream or you can use foundation
    For this makeup tutorial i use tonymoly cat wink bb cream 
2. Compact powder 
    I use tonymoly cat wink clear pact
3. Etude drawing eyebrow #darkbrown
4. Etude house dual change eyeliner
5. Etude teardrop liner #white
6. Tonymoly catwink mascara #curlinglonglash
7. Blush on pink
8. Contour kit 
9. Tonymoly lipstick goddes style #pink

Tips and trick : 
• if you dont have a bigger eyes you can use lenses for make it more bigger tahn usual. You can use lense with 16mm diameter. 
• if youre monolids you can use scotch for your eyelids. 

Here's the result !! 

Thankyou for reading peeps !! <3 

So, what dou you think about my ulzzang makeup ? Let me know what do you think by leaving the comment below 

Please help me click the link below the bblog banner so i can be the winner ! 

berpartisipasi dalam "Ulzzang Looks" Competition

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jessica snsd reported to be getting married by kwon tyler

Another shocking update for fans of snsd (Girls Generation) Sone! <3

Jessica jung reported will be tying the knot soon with tyler kwon (who known as jessica jung closes friend and had been rumoured as her fiancee before) on may 2015! 

Sports DongA claims that after leaving Girls' Generation, Jessica will embark on a new life through a wedding and her new fashion company, 'Blanc.'  The article says that according to various entertainment reps on September 30, Jessica will be tying the knot with Tyler Kwon in May, 2015.  

The reps state, "Preparations are already finished regarding the main wedding details. The wedding ceremony will take place in Hong Kong and she will live while traveling back and forth between New York, USA and Hong Kong."

Earlier today, SM Entertainment had included in their official statement regarding Jessica's departure from the group: "This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she notified us she will halt her team promotions with the release of one [more] album.."

While SM did not explain any further, it appears now that this personal matter may be her very own wedding in May! 

In addition, after marrying Tyler Kwon, who took a great part in the launching of her fashion brand 'Blanc,' she will study fashion design in New York.  Allegedly, she has already looked into fashion schools in New York.  

Ps: im so sad to hearing about that news :( but i hope if the truth is shes gonna get married soon , i hope shes happy with that <3
And Regarding of SM Statement that shes no longer active member of snsd :( 
I still hope they still 9 angels of girls generation

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Updated : SM Confirms jessica weibo posting

Too bad i never expected something like this before 

I think this couldnt be true to happened

But the fact is jessica no longer member of Girls Generation anymore :(

Too sad to hear about it 

I hope theres just rumors 

But , theres the fact so heart breaking </3 

We'll miss you jessica 

We will :')

This is SM confirmation about jessica jung weibo posting :(

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We’re here to explain about Jessica’s Weibo posted today.

Due to her personal business, Jessica has notified us that she will halt the team (SNSD) promotions with the release of 1 more album this spring.

The agency and Girls’ Generation members tried our best to conclude this with the best and possible direction. However, during the negotiations about the priorities and interest, Jessica launched her fashion business. Due to this, it has come to the point where Jessica could not maintain in the team anymore.

The agency had no choice but to continue Girls’ Generation with 8 members earlier than planned. We’re about to annouced this but Jessica has posted her words on weibo this morning.

From here now on, our agency will continue to support 8 members Girls’ Generation and Jessica’s individual activities.”

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Woohoooo ~ 
Spiderman is coming to town <3 

Yaaa yaaa
Thats right ! 
Now you can watch it on cinema :) 
Amazing spiderman release date on 30th april in indonesia . 

Yesterday (2nd may) i watched it with my boyfie and his family . 
And that was good movie at least :p 
Just for your information , im not interested with any thing about spiderman .
Ummmm~ i dont know too :( 
I just think like , from the whole of tons hero i just like a little bit hero :) -ironman -wolverine -captainamerica -etc

So why i had to saw this movie if i dont like spiderman ? :/
Okey ~ i will tell you a few reason 
First , my boyfie ask me to go with him 
Second , there is andrew garfield and emma stone movie right? 

Actually , when my boyfie ask me to go watch this movie i tell him that i dont like spiderman and i dont know the main story about it . 
And he just say like this "comeon lets watch this movie , people says the spiderman is handsome lohh. Dont you wanna go to see him right?. Dont be shy i know you want to see him but youre to shy because you tell me that you dont like spiderman uh? But theres andrew as spiderman." 
Jengggg jenggg ... 
Then i cant say anything :x im too speechless to say something . 
I only had to say yes ! Of course i wanna watch it if they had handsome boy on this story . 
My boyfie know me well <3 

So you all now know the main reason i watched this movie :p

I think that was a good movie to watch with friend and your boyfie 
Andrew as peter parker looks so damn cute here <3 he is so funny 
And he looks damn perfect couple with gwen stacy (emma stone) 
Shes so stylish . I love it <3 

But i was confused with the opening scene :( 
I dont understand it :( my bad yeahhh 

I think they had too many monster here :( 
Electro was good ;) 
And when they fight at the end was so cool . But its a bit weird when you think that was end then harry is coming and fighting with peter . 
Seriously i hate to admit it when gwen dies :( i cant help but think like how can is be like that ?!!! 
How can gwen dies and leave peter alone :(  
And peter look so frustated when gwen dies :( </3 
At first , i hope gwen just shocked but not :( shes dies 
Hikssa too bad for peter 
He is like lose his hope when all he need is her love 
When all they can think they can live happily together after this but not 
That was complicated story :(

But you shoulda watch this by yourself to  know what goin happen next :) 
Feel the experience guys 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

SBS take action against plagiarism man from the stars

An indonesian version of "Man from the stars" has turned out to be a case of plagiarism . 

A representative of SBS contents hub , which is responsible for managing the publication rights of Man from the stars revealed "the drama has not been made after acquiring the legal publishing rights. It can be considered to be a plagiarized version." 

The indonesian drama Kau yang berasal dari bintang has been under heat for the striking similiarities between the drama and SBS Man from the stars .
According to a chinese media outlet , the setting and story are nearly identical to Man from the stars .
The first episode aired on 28 on RCTI .

"We are curently in talks with another Indonesian company regarding the official  publishing rights , but this drama has begun airing. We are looking for a way to take action against the drama." SBS continued .


My opinion : 
Actually i was upset when i was googling about this . Especially with nikita willy fansbase statement about the copyrights and license kau yang berasal dari bintang on twitter . And when nikita willy RT thats statement i think shes like "yes they right! RCTI was bought the license and the copyrights of man from the stars." And that was annoying for me . 
To be honest , i dont like anything about plagiarism like SNSD X Cherrybelle , Super Junior X SM*SH , and other . 
Dont mean to judge , but i just feel like ummm how can they compare SNSD with cherrybelle ? Cherrybelle plagiarism SNSD concept (music video , costum , etc) 
And they can stay calm and said like "who is snsd? We dont know them" but the fact is they like snsd and they know them but just act like they original . 
I hate it ! 
Please just be creative! You dont need to copy the other ! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

B Blog's , I A.M a Blogger [challenge]

Hello peeps ! :p
I am back :D xixiixi ~

Nah Kali ini aku lagi ikutan challenge I A.M Blogger dari B Blog's nih guys ;)

Di simak ya baik-baik post aku untuk challenge kali ini ^^

Alasan aku membuat blog? Alasan nya? 
Kenapa yahh? :p
Sebenarnya alasan aku membuat blog itu karna aku pengen ngasih tau temen-temen tentang fashion and beauty gitu 
Why theme is beauty and fashion
Because i just love that <3 
Aku pengen nunjukin ke orang-orang kalo kalian tuh ga harus oprasi plastik kalo pengen cantik ;;)

There's a power behind the makeup <3

Dan aku bakal ngajarin step by step how to be pretty :p 
For your information aku juga nge-Post Review berbagai macam cosmetic loh 
Lumayan kan nambah pengetahuan kalian tentang cosmetic mana yang bagus and cocok buat kalian ;)

Fashion ? Because i love it <3
You don't need to be rich to be fashionable 

Cuma dengan membuka lemari pakaian kalian , kalian bisa Mix-match in baju lama kalian menjadi trend terbaru di dunia fashion ;) 

It's not about brand guys .. 
It's all about style <3

Beyourself to get your own style !
Don't copy anyone ;)
Cause sometimes it doesnt look good on some peeps ;)

Xixixii ~

Why nama blog aku ?
Listen peeps , 
Sebelum aku milih nama aku sendiri untuk blog aku , aku pernah menggunakan , ke-na-pa????

Soalnya aku pengeen bikin blog yang terlihat santai and simple 
So peeps ga bakalan boring waktu baca blog aku ;) 
Dan itu lebih memudahkan all peeps buat   nyari blog aku juga kan ? ;p 

Benefit nya Dengan nge-Blog aku merasa dapat menyampaikan segala curhatanku (Ohmygod curhatan boo~) 
Yepp~ curhatan tentang experience aku waktu aku memakai cosmetic brand ini and itu ;p

Aku bisa kenal banyak orang yang pengen tau juga tentang aku .
Bisa ngenalin trend fashion baru yang lagi in , Tips and trick makeup and many more 

Jujur mungkin post an aku lebih ke arah fashion and makeup ala korea and japan
Soalnya aku tertarik dengan fashion and makeup nya 
Seperti yang kalian tau mereka ada ulzzang and kawaii

Terlebih , anak-anak remaja sekarang tertarik sekali dengan fashion and makeup korea japan 

Thats was good kalo kita pengen tau tentang negara luar bahkan mencontoh nya 
Tapi jangan sampai kita mencontoh and menerima negatif nya loh ~ 

Nahh supaya orang-orang indonesia tetap berbangga hati and ga nerima sisi negatif nya , aku kan ngajarin kalian tips and trick makeup ala mereka jadi gausah deh namanya oprasi plastik segala  :p sakit tauu hihi~

Nah sekarang aku bakal kasih tau tips and trick sebagai seorang blogger 

1. Rajin-rajin nulis post deh peeps 
    -Q: tapi blog aku belum banyak yang follow percuma dong gak ada yang baca ?
   -A:Jangan takut gak ada yang baca peeps ;) namanya juga usaha and baru memulai . Kalo ga nulis dari sekarang mau kapan? Nunggu blog kalian rame? Gimana caranya kalo blog kalian aja kosong ? Siapa mau baca apa ? ;p pokonya tetep nulis aja minim sebulan sekali ;p
2. Tentuin tema yang mau kalian pakai untuk blog kalian apa 
    -Q: binggung temanya apa ;( all in one aja kali ya ?
    -A: jangan ! Its a big NO! Itu sama aja kaya kalian ga nemuin jatidiri kalian . Tentuin sebelum kalian membuat blog ! 
3. Be simply and comfy !
    -Q: background nya mau kasih gambar ah yang banyak biar lucu ;p
    -A: don't! Nanti reader nya binggung baca nya bikin pusing reader ! Mending yg vintage lebih santai and simpel 

Thats it ;p hope will help you peeps ^^

Fyi: B Blog itu adalah suatu komunitas yang membantu kita untuk ber eksperimen dengan berbagai project yang di berikan contoh nya kali ini I A.M Blogger! 

Ga hanya itu loh , bakal banyak project-project event seru lain nya juga 
Untuk sign up disini caranya mudah banget klik this link >>> 
GRATIS Lohhhhh!!!!! 

Personally aku uda daftar , who's next? ;p

Untuk info lebih lanjut kalian bisa liat pic di bawah ini :D 

  Or lihat langsung di : 

Finnaly semoga bermanfaat untuk kaliann :D 

Acara ini di organisir oleh B Blog Indonesia (link : ) dan di sponsori oleh :
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@Japansoftlens (link : ) 
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Taeng twin :o

I know , all of you shocked by this post 
But believe it or not i think she's look like taeyeon or i should call her taeyeon wannabe :p

Im not really sure about this because i never met her before ;( 
Maybe i shoulda go to japan to make appointment  with her haha 

I love it when i hear there's somebody who look like taeyeon 
She should be proud of that ;) 
Cause i envy with her ;( she's perfectly look like taeyeon 
Maybe if i wanna be beauty like taeng i shoulda do plastic surgery yaa? 
But no matter what i love my self ;) and i dont really need to change my face ;p

There's some pic of her 

Her name is lovisa selin 
This is her instagram account @lovistagram 
She live in japan 
(Maybe someday if i go to japan i shoulda make appointment to met her and take a selfie with her) ;p

Friday, April 4, 2014

[HOT NEWS] khunnfanny <3

Khunnfanny is dating <3 

Too happy to hear about this 
At least , tiffany and nickhun shows off their relationship 

And ternyata hubungan mereka ini telah berjalan kurang lebih selama 4 bulan yg lalu guys 

Para media korea and fans sebener nya uda mencium adanya hubungan special antara member snsd tiffany and member 2pm nickhun 

And pada akhirnya sekarang mereka go public berdua ;) 
Disertai oleh pernyataan dari masing-masing agency (SMent and JYPent)

Semoga langgeng yah khunfanny ;')
Walaupun pengen nya tetep khuntoria
Tapi tetep seneng kok and support mereka

Another pic about #khunfanny
Nickhun twitter 

Couple bracelet

<3 #khunfanny

And this is too sweet <3

1st ; yoona leeseungi
2st ; sooyoung kyungho
Who's next after  khunfanny ? ;)

Jessica, taeyeon, sunny, yuri, seohyun, hyoyeon ? ;;) 

More info check this link ;)

Credit goes to