Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Hi beauties , 
Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year 2016

can't say enough thanks for everything that i got till the end.
i feel very grateful and blessed.

i never knew blogging could be this fun.
from blogging i got many experience about how to deal with project and else.
 meet many wonderful people.
(other beauty bloggers and everyone.)
and everything.

at first 
i do blogging because i fall in love with fashion and beauty
i see many blogger made blog for that reason 
so i decided to made one
but i just write some post when i opened my computer and i had the feels.
any than that? 
i never updates anything.
just re-design the layout lol :D

i made this blog when i was in middle school
so i never made any commitment for stay up-to-date
and when i was junior im busy with many activities
i joined modeling contest and else.

and while in senior i keep myself busy with study and else.
thinking about writing some post back then 
but im too shy to write anything
do some blog walking but i just be a silent reader.

and lately ive been active again while i became star clozetter in 2015.

in 2015 i made a new friends while i attend some beauty event who's very supported friends.
i met many wonderful people who inspires me to keep blogging.
i became semi-finalist for beauty bound asia 2015 and start vlogging.
(will be updated soon.)
i became star clozetter and met many wonderful blogger who shares many experience and else.
met my favorites fashion and beauty blogger.

i hope in 2016 i can be more and more than 2015 and before.

lots of love,



just a little present from santa 

in early christmas i got this cute package from wink and kiss
its contains 3 pair of PIN UP COLLECTION lashes.

tease a little
        |        love me more

i really love the cute packaging
can't wait to try and gonna make a review for this babies.

lots of love,


Tuesday, December 22, 2015


hi beauties ,
if you already following me on instagram and twitter , i bet you already know that last week i attended Girls Day Out event from Kose with JeanMilka (Beauty Blogger).
the theme for this event is Japanese lifestyle for beautiful skin.
this event open for 20 Jean Milka followers and Beauty Blogger as well.

on this event , we learn how to get a beautiful skin with KOSE product.
and now ,
i will share it with you.
so we can had a beautiful skin.
Beautiful makeup , starts with beautiful skin.
- Shu Uemura

here i have 2 product sekkisei from KOSE to help us get a beautiful skin.
1. Sekkisei clear whitening mask
2. Sekkisei lotion


KOSE Sekkisei is a series of skincare products designed to brighten the complexion by minimizing the appearance of age spots and sun damage as well as preventing future melanin formation.

KOSE Sekkisei draws its name from the chinese character for snow and is inspired by beauty , brightness and purity that snow represents.


Sekkisei clear whitening mask is a black peel-off whitening mask that unclogs pores and removes dead surface cells.
Instantly lifts away dullness to reveal smoother , more refined skin.
*helps minimize the appearance of dark spots for a radiant, even-toned complexion.


Sekkisei clear whitening mask contains :
- Job's Tears seed extract 
- Angelica acutiloba root extract 
- Melothria heterophylla root extract
- Chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract
- Camellia sinensis leaf extract
- PPG-10 Methyl glucose ether

don't mind this pic hehe :p

How to use :
Use once or twice a week.
Apply even layer on clean , dry skin.
Avoiding eye area , eyebrow , hairline and lips.
Leave on about 20 minutes or until completely dry.
Gently peel off mask from outer edges.
Do not use on irritated , sunburned or broken skin.

and least we gonna use KOSE Sekkisei lotion.

KOSE Sekkisei lotion is a refreshing lotion to enhance skin translucency.
helps improves skin texture , reduces pigmentation , and freckles and refines pore troubles.
give you an instantly brightens skin tone , creating an even glow.


KOSE Sekkisei lotion contains :
- Angelica root extract (whitens)
- Coix seed extract (whitens)
- Melothria root extract (whitens)
- Licorine extract (Detoxifies)

How to use :
Use on thoroughly washed, clean face.
Pour lotion generously onto a cotton pad and pat gently on face.

Done ! 
and don't forget to drink water everyday.

Result and My Opinion

I really like the peel-off mask because i don't need to wash my face after that.
and i feels like my face is smoother.
but its inconvenient to use , cause some stuck on my nails.
least ,
i really love the smell from this mask . 
very relaxing aroma and i can wear this mask while doing things too.
(blogging etc)

and for the sekkisei lotion,
i love the fresh sensation of this lotion.

they smell really nice.
i really love it!

probably gonna buy them after this :p

Overall Review

after using kose sekkisei whitening clear mask and lotion for 1 week .

Pros :
I love the peel-off mask.
the smell is very relaxing. love it!
easy to peel-off.
cool sensation while using mask.

Cons :
Quite pricy 
Inconvenient to use (mask)

thats all for my review today.
hope its help you to get a beautiful skin.
see you on my next post, beauties!

lots of love,



Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Playlist of the month






The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store ,
but in the memories we make with the people we love 
- Amanda Boyarshinov 

Hi beauties, 
finally its the Giveaway time 
yayy ~!

like you already know , my eyeliner embroidery done by ORLYmiin 
did you like it ?

if you haven't read it , please click this for read it .

wanna get your treatment done by ORLYmiin ?
you can win a free voucher worth for idr 100.000,-
for any treatment by orlymiin 
( wax - nail - hair extension - semi permanent make up )

here's the rules :
1. follow my instagram account 

2. Comment on this banner on my instagram post. 
"Im in."

3. Tag 2 of your friends.

* this Giveaway ends on 15 December 2015 *
open for jabodetabek only

this is my christmas present for all my beauties.
hope you get a joyful christmas in 2015.

lets get your nail done or else , before christmas with ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge

lots of love *kiss


Hi beauties , 
if you already follow dewi magazine @dewimag 
i think you already know about this 30 Days Challenge Themes
i am thinking about to join this 30 Days Challenge themes

this challenge start by 1st dec 'till 30th dec 2015.
if you wanna join this challenge too 
just follow the rules on the pic above .

and let me know by left a comment on this post 
lets do the challenge together :)

Monday, November 30, 2015

ClozetteID Mobile App X Central Store ID

Hi Beauties , 
sudah kah kalian mendownload clozetteApp di handphone kalian ?
jika belum , ini kesempatan kalian untuk bisa memenangkan tiket Central Store senilai total Rp 2.000.000,- untuk 4 orang pemenang.

Caranya :
  1. Download Clozette Mobile App disini !
  2. Sign Up di Clozette Indonesia.
  3. Upload Foto dirimu bersama Clozette Mobile App ke Akun Clozette (atau melalui akun instagram yang telah terkoneksi dengan akun Clozette-mu.) dengan menyertakan hashtag #ClozetteID #MeNMyClozetteApp #ClozetteIDxCentral
  4. Follow akun Instagram @ClozetteID & @CentralStoreID
  5. Share mengenai Kuis ini di Social media kamu.

Semakin banyak Upload foto kreatif mu , semakin besar juga kesempatan mu untuk menang.
Goodluck Beauties ! :)

*Kuis ini berlangsung hingga 9 dec 2015




Hi Beauties ,
seperti yang sudah kujanjikan sebelumnya 
kali ini aku akan update Review Pixy BB CREAM 

seperti yang sudah kalian tahu sebelum nya ,
Pixy cosmetics baru-baru ini mengeluarkan product terbaru mereka yaitu 

Jika biasanya product lain hanya memiliki 1 varian warna (natural) untuk BB Cream nya , Pixy BB cream hadir dalam 3 varian warna yaitu 
Cream - Beige - Ochre
jadi sekarang kalian memiliki banyak pilihan untuk memilih varian warna yg sesuai untuk wajah kalian masing-masing.

Pixy BB CREAM diformulasikan dengan Smart-Lock Powder yang mempertahankan makeup tetap tampak cerah dan tidak kusam hingga 12 jam.
tekstur nya yang ringan menutup noda di wajah tanpa terkesan tebal dan mudah di blend di wajah.

Pixy BB CREAM Bright Fix juga di lengkapi dengan :
  • SPF 30 & PA+++  melimdungi wajah dari sinar UVB dan UVA.
  • Natural whitening extract & Derivate vitamin C ,  yang membantu mencerahkan kulit wajah.

untuk harga bisa di bilang cukup terjangkau. karna kalian hanya perlu membayar idr 30.000,- untuk bisa mendapatkan 1 tube pixy bb cream berukuran 30ml.

untuk beauties yang ingin mencoba Pixy BB CREAM , kalian dapat membeli nya di indomaret atau counter PIXY terdekat ! :)

kemasan nya yang kecil mebuat mudah di bawa kemana saja dan menjadi teman setia di tas.

BEFORE                       AFTER 

Overall : aku suka banget sama hasil dari penggunaan pixy bb cream
walaupun product lokal tapi kualitas nya TOP banget.
biasanya untuk BB cream ,  aku menggunakan product makeup korea karna sebelumnya aku pernah mencoba salah satu bb cream brand lokal dan aku kurang suka dengan hasilnya karna membuat wajah ku berjerawat dan oily banget , sehingga aku gak berani mencoba brand lokal.
namun aku cukup senang dengan pixy BB cream karna tidak membuat wajah ku berjerawat dan oily .

dilengkapi dengan smart-lock powder membuat aku tidak perlu melakukan touch-up makeup lagi saat sedang beraktifitas seharian.
sangat recommended banget buat kalian yang suka beraktifitas seharian.
tampil cantik seharian tanpa perlu ribet lagi touch-up makeup.

* Pengapliasian nya sangat mudah , karna tekstur nya yang ringan membuat cream mudah di blend dengan atau tanpa bantuan beauty blender / kuas makeup .
hasilnya matte dan tidak terlihat oily.
tidak terasa lengket dan cakey di wajah .

  • Packaging nya lucu 
  • Mudah di dapatkan dimana saja
  • Harga nya terjangkau 
  • Tersedia 3 varian warna (Cream , Beige , Ochre.)
  • Teman setia di tas
  • Tidak lengket dan tidak membuat wajah terasa cakey
  • Smart-Lock Powder
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • SPF 30 & PA +++
  • Natural whitening extract & Vitamin C derivate 




Monday, November 23, 2015

Eyeliner Embroidery with ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge pt. 2

Hi beauties
still in the progress of healing  
this is my day by day after i do my eyeliner embroidery 
and the final result 


Day 1

byJennifermarcellina day1 progress after eyeliner embroidery

byJennifermarcellina day1 progress after eyeliner embroidery

byJennifermarcellina day1 progress after eyeliner embroidery

you can see that my eyelids looks a little swelling after the treatment 
but i don't feel any pain at all 

Day 2

byJennifermarcellina day 2 progress after eyeliner embroidery

byJennifermarcellina day 2 progress after eyeliner embroidery

byJennifermarcellina day 2 progress after eyeliner embroidery

i must say that for day 2 , i don't expect my eyelids will swelling much like this
i could say that when i woke up i got a little goosebumps because i think for day 2 my eyelids will be better .
but i guess i am wrong .

for the day 2 i feel a little uncomfortable because the swelling blocks my eye sight .
and as you can see there , my eyelids gone a little 

the most awkward moment is when i should go out 
i wear my glasses to distract people for looking at my eyes.

Day 3 

byJennifermarcellina day 3 progress after eyeliner embroidery

byJennifermarcellina day 3 progress after eyeliner embroidery

byJennifermarcellina day 3 progress after eyeliner embroidery

for day 3 i feel very happy 
because the swelling on my eyelids is completely gone 

but still not completely done guys 
cuz , i should wait till the ink peel it self .

if you see clearly on my first pic (day 3)
you can see that the ink on inner part of my eyes a bit peel


well , its not the end of this post 
please wait for the next updates about the final result picture
i will updates this post when the ink fully peel it self.

eyeliner embroidery done by 
ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge 

ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge 
( Your Health & Beauty are Our Goal )

Plaza Indonesia Beauty Floor  -   Level 4 South   
# 011 - 011A
Facebook ORLYmiin   -   Instagram ORLYmiin
021 - 2992 - 4319

click this to read - Eyeliner Embroidery with ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge pt. 1

psst ..
ingin mengetahui treatment apa saja yang di lakukan oleh beberapa beauty blogger lain nya bersama aku dan gimana hasil nya ?
click this link bellow ..

Anjanidee  Nail art done by ORLYmiin click this !
szaza jasmine Hand spa done by ORLYmiin click this !
ellen stephanie lips embroidery done by ORLYmiin click this !
steffanie carolina eyelash extension done by ORLYmiin click this !

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eyeliner Embroidery with ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge pt. 1

Hi Beauties
seperti yang sudah kalian lihat di post - an instagram aku sebelum nya 
pasti kalian sudah bisa menebak dong treatment apasih yang sedang aku lakukan ?

yapp , eyeliner embroidery atau biasa yang kita sebut dengan sulam eyeliner.
apasih sulam eyeliner itu , 
sulam eyeliner itu merupakan solusi untuk kalian yang bermata sipit untuk mendapatkan mata yang nampak lebih besar.
sama hal nya ketika kita menggunakan eyeliner pada umumnya , yaitu memberi efek mata lebih besar hanya saja kita tidak perlu menghapus nya dan kita bisa tampil cantik setiap saat.
(even baru bangun tidur loh !)

byJennifermarcellina ORLYmiin review pic

minggu lalu , aku bersama beberapa beauty blogger lain nya yang tergabung dalam Star Clozetter melakukan treatment bersama di ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge yang terletak di lt. 4 mall Plaza Indonesia .
aku bersama teman-teman beauty blogger yang lain memutuskan untuk mencoba treatment yang tersedia di ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge.
salah satu treatment yang mereka miliki adalah nail , eyelash , waxing , semi permanent make up & hair extention .

byJennifermarcellina ORLYmiin review pic

byJennifermarcellina ORLYmiin review pic

kenapa aku memilih melakukan treatment sulam eyeliner ?
well , seperti yang bisa kalian lihat
aku memiliki mata yang sipit sehingga aku sangat memerlukan bantuan eyeliner untuk memberi efek mata lebih besar .
dan sebagai beauty blogger, terkadang aku kesulitan untuk membagi waktu untuk makeup secara efektif dan cepat.
so , thats why i am doing eyeliner embroidery.

byJennifermarcellina ORLYmiin review pic

kenapa di ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge ?
aku memilih ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge karna sebelumnya aku sudah melihat web mereka dan aku yakin mereka bisa memberikan bentuk eyeliner idaman ku dan terjamin ke-higienis-an nya.
and here i am , doin it. 

sebelum melakukan proses sulam , 
kami sempat berbincang dengan Mr. Kang Bong Ju selaku Director Utama ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge
disini aku semakin yakin untuk melakukan sulam eyeliner karna penjelasan yang diberikan oleh Mr. Kang sangat menyakinkan aku untuk berani melakukan nya .
ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge menggunakan teknik kecantikan yang sedang menjadi trendsetter  dan produk kualitas premium .
Ahli kecantikan nya pun semua terlatih, dan mereka menggunakan standar  sanitasi dan kebersihan yang tinggi untuk peralatan mereka , juga hanya untuk sekali pakai.

byJennifermarcellina ORLYmiin review pic

Untuk proses sulam eyeliner sendiri hanya memerlukan waktu sekitar 40 menit.
cukup terbilang cepat yah ? 
tapi jangan khawatir , hasilnya sudah terjamin oke loh :)

sakit kah ?
no , sulam eyeliner di ORLYmiin itu gak sakit .
seriusan , 
karna sebelumnya sudah di berikan anestesi dan staff nya juga sudah terlatih .
jadi pengerjaan nya cepat sehingga tanpa menunggu lama kalian sudah bisa melihat hasilnya .
malah mungkin kalian ga sadar loh saking cepatnya dan ga sakit , tiba-tiba sudah selesai dan kalian memiliki mata yang semakin cantik .

byJennifermarcellina ORLYmiin review pic

untuk harga , di ORLYmiin termasuk reasonable banget harganya .
karna dengan harga segitu kalian bisa mendapatkan treatment idaman kalian dan dilakukan oleh staff profesional dan menggunakan produk kualitas premium .

so , tunggu apalagi ?
mau mencoba salah satu treatment di ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge ?
tunggu post an selanjutnya untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara mendapatkan voucher senilai idr 100.000,- dari ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge.
hanya untuk 2 orang beruntung :)

thanks to ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge and Mr. Kang Bong Ju for your time 
we really had a good time and treatment with ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge .

ORLYmiin Beauty Lounge 
( Your Health & Beauty are Our Goal )

Plaza Indonesia Beauty Floor  -   Level 4 South   
# 011 - 011A
Facebook ORLYmiin   -   Instagram ORLYmiin
021 - 2992 - 4319

Friday, November 20, 2015


Hi beauties , 
Udah pada tau kan kalo pixy cosmetic lagi ngadain kuis untuk memenangkan trip ke Tokyo bersama 1 orang sahabat mu. 

Cara nya : 
Beli pixy BB CREAM di indomaret terdekat dan dapatkan kode di dalam struk untuk setiap pembelian PIXY BB CREAM , dan klik this link bellow 

Isi sesuai perintah dalam page tsb :) 

Buruan beli sekarang dan ikuti kuis nya sebelum 27 november 2015
Good Luck beauties ;) 

Psst , tunggu post berikut nya yahh 
Review Pixy BB CREAM 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Instagram influencer : Megbaby

Here is Our very first instagram influencers *Drumroll


If you actively online instagram , i think you might already know about her or following her instagram account. 
Megbaby known because her beautiful small face and unique fashion
As you can see on her instagram, she has a unique sense of fashion. 
I think it's inspired by her love for korea. 
She called it so megbaby
And fyi , She's loved by 697K followers and its still growing day by day. 

What i love from megbaby ?
Probably Her make-up and fashion
Because she has a pretty small face and nice skin
And i think i had a same kind of fashion sense like her, maybe that's the reason i love her. 

It you want to know her better , go follow her instagram @_megbaby_ / or check this video bellow about her ;)

Source :

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Urban whistle 2015 with Clara Devi

So, last week i got a chance to be the one of participants make over head to toe by Clara Devi (@lucedale) 
Yep, like all of you already know , she's a fashion blogger from indonesia. 
And i feel very honored to be chosen and get to know and talk about her style. 

In my opinions , She's very humble person and friendly , i love being around her.  
She's gonna be my next favorite fashion blogger i guess. 

And here's my makeover result by clara devi (@lucedale

For my looks , we called it secretary look. 
Peplum top + pencil skirt = perfect combination for this look. 

With all participants and ClaraDevi (

Wefie time ❤️ 

Urban whistle 2015
Location : Fashion Hub MKG 
Mkg 3 lt. 2 

Clothes: Lolly's secret collection 
Shoes : Gosh
Makeup&Hair do : Dry me 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall/winter season tips

Hi ;) 
Im back with fall/winter outfit tips ;) 
Like you already know , the weather now a little bit cold so it is a good reason for us to wear something bit warm for your body ;)

For this season i prefer to use turtleneck outfit or light sweater , its helps keep my body warm and comfortable to do my activity. 

Here's a bit of reference for now ;) 
Check the pics bellow 

Pic source :