Thursday, April 9, 2015

A little surprise

What a little happiness when you go home someday from holiday and you found out there's something hanging on your front door and that was a gift for you. 
Not to mention it , i am a little dissapointed when i found it and wonder who could be sent this for me. 

And that was a little joy when i found out there's from my bestie. 
Feeling so happy when i got to know someone out there always thinking about me. 

Thankyou ❤️

You made my day

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Did CHANEL trying to bring back the glorious '90s trend ?

Did Julianne moore and Karl lagerfeld trying to bring back the glorious '90s trend ? 

Julianne Moore , who recently helped save Hollywood from the mani cam , is using her influence to do another good deed: bring back the spectacular '90s trend of light-up footwear. 
She wore blue-lit , Chanel heels to Karl Lagerfeld's Metiers D'Art show in New York last night. 

Light-up @CHANEL shoes on the feet of Julianne moore.

Tastemakers including Beyonce , Cara Delevingne , Dakota Johnson and Kendall Jenner were all present at the event to experience the amazing accessory in person. 
Clearly Julianne and Karl planned this brilliantly

(Love the idea! And i wish , i can have one of those pairs in my closet right now)