Friday, February 12, 2016

#HAIRVENTURE New hair on New Age

Your hair is the CROWN you never take off.

Sure, I agreed with this one. 
Because Since i am young , i already like to coloring my hair. 
I've tried brown, deep red, dark blue, wine purple, even blonde while i was junior high school. 
Not only when i am in junior high school i did coloring my hair , i still do it while i am on senior high school and untill now. 

Scolding? I've received it all. 
But, it's not stopping me because I don't think its wrong.
(*why I don't think so? I'll tell you later on my vlog Hair Story. So? Stay tuned!)

Since i am graduated now , I've tried more color that I can't have before. 
(*click here! To see my previous post about my hair adventure untill now.)
And thanks to l'oreal whose granted my #HairWish and mr. Rudi from Haircode as my hairstylist , i got an AWESOME hair. 

I loved it! 
The color and cut turn out super awesome and its awe me. 

I booked an appointment with mr. Rudi for friday. 
And it takes around 9 hours for this hair color. 
I really glad i got the best hairstylist who treat my hair super careful and know my hair best. 
I told him i want to get a new haircut whose made my face look skinnier and new pastel hair color, and He helps me picked the best hair color. 
As you know before , i did ombre hair and my hair become frizzy after that so i need to cut it a little shorter. 
I already dying to get pastel hair for a long time, and now its time to make it came true. 
So here's my new hair on my new age. 

the most painful moment :(

after two times washing 

If you want to get the same hair color as mine , I recommend you to go to:

And ask for mr. Rudi as your hair stylist. 
Told him you want the same hair color as mine or show him my pic. 

*i think the color turn out different every time i try to capture it
because when i see it in real it turn out greyish , but when i take a picture with my camera without flash it turn out greyish and brown .
its different too when i capture it with flash , it turn out purplish or redish.