Sunday, September 8, 2013

As you grow up

As you grow up you learn how to be mature at all

You go to the next level step by step

You learn how to face the world more better than before

You'll be more stronger than before

No one can judge you

As you get older you are now more perfection 

Youre not weak anymore

So dont give up
Keep believing someday youll be good enough

Thats just a step by step you must do to go to the next level and be more stronger than before

Youll see the reward at least 
Be thankful cheerful and grateful 

Youll love it

The power of make up 💄


Alright ! Today aku bakalan nge bahas soal the power of make up

Pasti kalian udah pada tau dong the power of make up itu apa?

Sebagai cewek kita pasti udah kenal banget yang nama nya make up kit
Lipstick lipbalm blushon eyeshadow and many more makeup kit :p

The power of make up itu terlihat banget loh girls dimana2
Terlebih pada cewek2 yang modis and suka banget bergaya cantik

Dari yang tadi nya biasa2 aja , dengan ada nya makeup membuat seseorang terlihat lebih cantik

Ada pula beberapa orang yang merasa lebih pede pada saat memakai makeup daripada tampil natural

Dont judge us!
Kita hanya ingin tampil cantik and mencoba gaya baru 

Coba dan rasakan sendiri the power of make up ;) 

Youll see its works ! 
Every eyes will look at you ;) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My anniversary date 💏

Hello sorry for late post :p

Today i wanna sharing about our anniversary date 🙆

For our anniversary we make planning to go to cinema watching the mortal instrument: the city of bones 👯
Yippi ! Im so happy i can watch this movies
Thats was really cool movie
I love it ❤

I think i goona buy the novels haha
Im crazy for it
Can't wait for the second movies
Im too excited ! 💃

You should watch this movie
I promise you ,  you wont regret this
The actor and actris really handsome and beautiful
I loved magnus bane , jace (jonathan) , clary , jocelyn , alec , isabelle , valentine .
They are cool .. 
And the effect for this film is great ! Love it!

Before we watching the cinema we eat in thai restaurant called raa cha 
You should try it! The taste its good
I love suki! The price is cheap (i guess)

Hope you enjoy my post 👼