Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[MovieReview] The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part.1

Finally i can watch this movie!
Im so excited and can't wait for this movie out. 


Honestly, i don't really into this story before. 
But, one day i accidentally watched this movie and i love the story , makeup , wardrobe and graphic there. 
Thats was so cool!!! 

The graphic really great and i loved it !
The cast is jennifer lawrence
Jennifer lawrence as katniss everdeen 
She's the main character there. 


The Mockingjay deals with the events that occur after Katniss and other tributes escape from the 75th Quarter Quell Hunger Games, and ally with the long-hidden District 13 and other rebels seeking to overthrow the tyrannical Capitol. For much of the first half of the book, Katniss is reduced to being primarily a propaganda symbol for the rebellion led by ruthless District 13 President Alma Coin. Some reviewers complain that the emphasis on propaganda is unsatisfying because it means that Katniss does not have as much agency as in the previous books, and spends much of the time in frustration, as she and her loved ones become the pawns of more powerful forces. But I think this is a feature of the plot rather than a bug. It enables us to feel the moral ambiguities of propaganda and the manipulation of public ignorance, even when done in a good cause. Moreover, it would be implausible if Katniss, a relatively inexperienced teenager, arrived in District 13 and quickly assumed control over its policies, despite the presence of Coin and other long-established adult leaders.


Based on my opinion : i really love the scene where's katniss singing. 
I think that was wonderful scene and heart touching. 

I love jennifer lawrence hair there. 
Simple but looks mature for her. 

I can't wait for the part2. 
Im so excited!! 

Other source by the washington post