Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Act speaks stronger than words can do.

Sometimes its better to argued than silence because when someone is silence , we never know whats on their mind. 
What they want us to know , whats the problem , how to solve it , etc. 
thats why i say , its better argued. 

When we argued , we speak about what we want from each other , about how to solve the problems , etc. 

When you keep your words , its harder for the others to know what you want and its make them more upset. 

But sometimes act shown what you're thinking. 

Ex : 
When you're glaring , the other may know that you're was in a bad mood. 
When you're smiling , the other know you're was happy or falling in love. 

As me , im was the sensitive one. 
If you're glaring at me without speaking , its make me wonder what have i done to you ? Did you angry with me or what ?

I love it when someone talk to me if they don't like me better than just glaring at me and talk shit behind me.