Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Act speaks stronger than words can do.

Sometimes its better to argued than silence because when someone is silence , we never know whats on their mind. 
What they want us to know , whats the problem , how to solve it , etc. 
thats why i say , its better argued. 

When we argued , we speak about what we want from each other , about how to solve the problems , etc. 

When you keep your words , its harder for the others to know what you want and its make them more upset. 

But sometimes act shown what you're thinking. 

Ex : 
When you're glaring , the other may know that you're was in a bad mood. 
When you're smiling , the other know you're was happy or falling in love. 

As me , im was the sensitive one. 
If you're glaring at me without speaking , its make me wonder what have i done to you ? Did you angry with me or what ?

I love it when someone talk to me if they don't like me better than just glaring at me and talk shit behind me. 

Friday, June 12, 2015


Do you ever feel like , 
something was wrong and you don't know what and just feeling down at night - night time


Monday, June 8, 2015

All over black

Welcome summer !! Yayy ~
I think today outfit was all over black for me hehe 

Here's some picture from me when i was in singapore. 

The weather is so hot lately , so i decide to put on my hat and wear black halter dress 'coz hey its summer right ? Its okay to wear some dress and it happened i go to sentosa island to so why not ? He he 

@ hardrock cafe

@ vivocity sg

@ candy factory

And the last one with my sissy (thanks for always in charge taking a picture for me)

Loc: sg (vivocity&sentosa island)
Outfit: Hat (Cotton On)
          Dress (collection)
          Flats (VnC)
          Bag (Bersha)

Ps: sorry for the bad qualities 
It happened in the last minute that we forgot to bring our camera so we just take a picture with phone :)